PS VR is here officially soon! What do I love the most?


I, unfortunately, don’t have the ability to get a PS VR anytime soon like I was hoping I would a few months back. Things happen and change and you can’t always get what you want as time moves forward, we all know what that’s like. So while I can’t get it myself and give a hands on review as soon as I’d like I can certainly talk about the points I’m most excited about with it! I think this, if done well of course, can be the future of gaming on PlayStation. (I say on PlayStation since this particular VR device is a PlayStation only one; that’s certainly not a knock against the others insinuating that they’re not up to par or anything like that). I hope it’s the future of PlayStation; I mean c’mon, how many of us don’t just love the idea of being IN the gaming world? Not seeing it like we’ve been used to, but actually being IN the world? Besides the potential of getting sick to your stomach there is no negative to that in my opinion. But what do I look forward to most or want most as it finally arrives here soon? I’ll tell ya! Bullet point time!Sony PS VR

  • Big AAA games are supporting it. We all knew that some indie companies would support the fledgling technology, that’s to be expected. And we knew some of the bigger studios would support it with some one off types of games, but the big current games are using it as well. Rise of the Tomb Raider uses it. Final Fantasy XV uses it. Batman has a new Arkham game coming based in VR. In other words we aren’t just diving with the sharks or doing some other random things with VR. Right out of the box we are with Lara Croft in some forms in the new game, same for the group in the highly anticipated XV. Those may be in small forms but they exist and are something to be excited about; the fact that the biggest of the big games are already supporting the technology. Hopefully we see more, but we’re already seeing something and that’s good.
  • Racing in VR! I don’t care what game it is I cannot WAIT to race a car game in VR! That’ll add the immersion that racing games already have the edge on on other games (you can race car racing video games and learn skills/driving lines that can apply in real life racing, such as iRacing has taught us) to another level entirely. I can’t wait to look all around and see the design of my car and go from there. I think racing games will be one of the best game types for VR and if it doesn’t make you sick ( I think this has a higher risk since you’d be moving your head so much) then there is something here for sure.
  • Horror! We know there will be horror games in VR (my hopes and prayers, though I know they likely will never happen, are to see Five Nights at Freddy’s on the PS4 for VR) and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to see how it plays out. Horror games are already great at getting our blood pumping and our hearts racing. Now imagine that when you hear the door suddenly shut or shuffling feet that you see it with your own eyes when you turn your head around; no you don’t see a TV in your room that reflects a mirror into the horror mansion, YOU are in the mansion with your own eyes and ears. Yeah. That’ll be scary as hell and so much fun. (And I did see that the new Resident Evil will have VR Support; that’s the type of thing I’m talking about!)

And etc from there. Big games are supporting it and that’s a great thing, can’t wait to race in VR, and horror? How could you not want to experience horror games in VR!? I think it’s time for the future of PlayStation. Sure, the PS4 Pro is epic and is a glimpse in the future of Sony’s gaming, but I think this is the real deal. Please don’t let us down with this like you’ve done with other things in the past Sony (PS Move not used as much as it should have, Vita, etc).

Updated: October 16, 2016 — 7:04 am
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