Pokemon: World of Final Fantasy.


I love Pokemon games. I don’t think there is a good enough variety in the main games for me (until now, thanks to Sun and Moon, woo!) but in general I’ve enjoyed a lot of their games over the years. Stadium 1 and 2. Coliseum. Gale of Darkness. Y. Snap. Etc, you get the point. I’ve enjoyed a variety of their games. The same is true for Final Fantasy. I started off with IX there and then made my way to VII, VIII, X, X-2, Crisis Core, XIII, XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns, again you get the point, a lot of Final Fantasy games. So you can imagine my surprise at the fact that you can play Pokemon and Final Fantasy at the same time in World of Final Fantasy! Okay, so you may be asking (if you don’t know anything about the game just yet) what do you mean?

Well I’ll tell you! The Mirages (aka monsters) you can catch and use in battle in this game you capture and use in a very Pokemon-esque way. You generally have to do something unique in order to catch the Pokemon, it’s not the same as in the Pokemon games where you just have to weaken them and have a good enough ball to throw. In this game you have to do something specific. Sometimes simply weakening the creatures is enough; others you have to heal them (some examples), damage them with fire, inflict blindness, reflect a magic attack, etc. It is a really cool spin on the capturing process but the rest screams Pokemon.

You throw an item at them once you’ve done what was needed, watch a ball flash a few times, and if it stops and raises up (you’d understand if you watch this video of a capture) you caught them. But they can break out of the capture early and sometimes flee the scenes after your attempt to capture them. Once you have them you can worldofffnickname them, and you use them to help in the environment in certain ways, such as smashing obstacles, using them to zap electricity into machines that need them, and etc. It truly feels like Pokemon and Final Fantasy had a combination game similar to the Disney/Final Fantasy one (hint: it stars a character named Sora, who will also be in World of Final Fantasy as a character summon).

The game is so much more than that! It’s made to appeal to kids and that’s reflected in the dialog, sometimes to a cringe-worthy level, but other moments more than make up for this in my opinion. It has a good story, from what I’ve seen so far anyways. And the game is absolutely loaded with Final Fantasy characters/music/locations/etc from the past. If you look on your bed in your room, for example, you’ll see Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII. One of the DLC summons I have is Sephiroth from the same game. And in spite of him being in a major chibi form he looks great and his music as well as attack itself SCREAMS Final Fantasy VII. Then there is a part where you meet Yuna from Final Fantasy X and it all feels like you suddenly jumped into that world. It’s amazing, they did a great job cashing in on the nostalgia.

The game is solid; it has a great soundtrack, has beautiful environments to explore, has a lot of great Final Fantasy locations and characters (I mean for crying out loud, I literally just left a Mako Reactor! It felt like I was playing a new version of VII!), and is just plain fun. Plus it’s a Pokemon game in disguise as well, and based on how many characters you can have in battle at once (12 as far as total party is concerned) you have a little bit of Digimon Cyber Sleuth in there as well, which allowed 11 characters to be with you at all times. This game is cute and chibi all the way, so if that art style turns you off…I’ll admit it’s not my favorite….then this game may not be for you. But I just mentioned it’s not my favorite either and yet I love this game, so maybe you’ll be the same?

It’s a Sony exclusive game only on Vita and PS4, so feel free to go for it!

Updated: November 10, 2016 — 1:20 am
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