Pokemon vs Digimon!

I know that this isn’t the 90s anymore, but both Pokemon and Digimon are still popular in games and otherwise. It seems like you either are on one side or the other. It’s like the Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo days; you either loved Mario and his console or Sonic and his. Of course, some people like myself enjoyed them each very much, but my favorite was always the Sega. The same is true for me and Pokemon/Digimon. I always loved the Pokemon anime and the video games, but Digimon won against Pokemon to me. I think Pokemon has obviously had the most success, that cannot be overstated, but Digimon has had a lot of success as well. In particular I wonder about people’s opinions in a Digimon VS PokemonPokemon vs Digimon video game way. Which series do you think produces the best games? I think the best games come from Pokemon, but my favorite ones come from Digimon, specifically Digimon World and Digimon World 3. Not perfect games but very enjoyable, right up there with the games from my past. I have also enjoyed the Digimon fighting games, while loving Smash Bros with Pokemon characters. They both are great series and have both produced great games, but I ask you: which do you think is the best (mostly in games, but you can go based on whatever you want): Pokemon? Or Digimon?


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