Pokemon and Final Fantasy!


November is a great month if you’re a major gamer, especially if you’re a fan of Pokemon and Final Fantasy. If you don’t care about them you’re not a real gamer and should give up acting like you’re one (;D jk). But for real, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was re-branded as Final Fantasy XV, FINALLY arrives this month (after being announced back in 2006; this has been a very long wait). And we get the new Pokemon Sun and Moon games, which look to finally change the formula up a bit on how Pokemon games should work, and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Pokemon main games got stale to me and I got bored with them but based on what I’ve seen and read, plus played with the demo, I’m happy with the direction of these games and can’t wait to play them.

I’m more into the world of Final Fantasy right now however so I’m definitely more pumped for XV than anything else. The game looks like it’ll be a huge game and if it offers half of the potential it looks like it has it’ll be a great game. Square Enix wants a Final Fantasy game that can sell more than Final Fantasy VII, their current record holder, and I think XV has that potential. Doesn’t mean it’ll do it, but I feel like Square is taking the game more pokefantasyseriously than let’s say the Final Fantasy XIII games. They took XIII seriously but once it didn’t meet what gamers wanted they got a bit silly with the sequels and how quickly they came out. I loved XIII-2 and Lightning Returns, don’t get me wrong, but those felt more like ad ons than new big Final Fantasy games, something XV certainly doesn’t struggle with. This is a big game being handled in a big way.

VII is getting a remake, that’ll hopefully strike in 2017, and that very well may rival XV in sales and what potential for growth it may have. After all, VII is still the leader of the most sold for any individual FF Title so bringing it back in new powers and abilities will definitely pit it against XV. But from the look of things and feel of how seriously they are taking it I think this game has true potential to be huge. Pokemon Sun and Moon are setting records in pre-orders themselves so it seems like the Poke faithful are rewarding the company for the changes they are enacting and that’s great to see. There are a variety of games coming out soon that are great, but for me it’s all Poke and FF, and I think each have the potential to really set the tone for their own series.

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 12:15 am
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