PlayStation Now Subscriptions: Good deal or not?


The PlayStation Now service came out last year to fair reviews. What it does, in short, is allow you to play PS3 games on your PS4, PS Vita, and other devices that allow PS Now. It works well if you have good internet connectivity but the pricing has always been a complaint, and I can’t say I haven’t complained about it myself. You can rent a game from anywhere between a few hours to over a month, choosing which option made the most sense to you. But some of the games, even for the lower time rentals, were way too expensive. A lot of people thought that Sony needed to add subscriptions to the service, that way you could pay a set amount for it and have unlimited access to the games. A Gamefly meets PlayStation idea is the gist of what people wanted. Well, here in a few days, that will become a reality starting on the PS4 in North America. Some people think the deals that you get on the service, $19.99 a month or $45.99 for three months, aren’t that good. They say that it’s too expensive. They think it’s not a good deal and not really worth your time. There is only really one reason I could agree with this: internet connectivity. If you have spotty internet do not waste your money. Fair warning. The games on this service are streamed the entire time, so if you have internet that’s either weak or not consistent then you’ll not have a good time with the service, and in that case yes, I agree that you should avoid it. Some people Better than Gameflycomplain that there isn’t that many games. There are over 100 PS3 games on the service now, with more to come including games from the PS1 and PS2. Keep that in mind, plus the fact that Sony has said new games will come to the service at some time in the future. With that said, is this a good deal for you? I say yes, and even more so than something like Gamefly. Let’s compare cheapest service to cheapest service. On Gamefly that’s $16 per month, for the PS Now that’s $20 per month (I mean purely on what’s the cheapest for a month or two). The Gamefly one is cheaper, but you can only have one game out at a time with this plan. You can keep it for as long as you want, you can rent the same one game for an entire year if you’d like and you won’t have any late fees. This service is pretty good I’d say, but the thing is here is where the cheap PS Now wins by a landslide. You are only paying $4 more a month to have unlimited access to over 100 games. That alone explains why the PS Now can be found to be a great service, even against Gamefly. You cannot, under any circumstance, rent over 100 games from Gamefly to play at any time if you want. It’s just not going to happen. But you can do so with the PS Now. Even better, at least to me, is that eventually the subscriptions will make their way to other devices and you can cross play. By that I mean that you can start a game on the Vita, go shopping or something like that, and come home and finish on the PS4. You can load the game and it’s as if you’ve been playing on the PS4 the entire time, a great thing if you live in a house where the PS4 or TV is shared. The PS Now does have a major loss or two. Again, it’s all internet based, so if you don’t have good internet it’s not a good deal. And it’s PlayStation only. So if you want to rent Nintendo or Microsoft games than this wouldn’t be much worth your time, something like Gamefly would be the better bet. Overall we still have to see how it plays out but if you have good internet what sounds better: a game or two rented or hundreds? I rest my case.

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