Oddest video game console of all time?


game controllerVideo games are a huge part of the entertainment world. They make billions each year, a lot more than even the film industry brings in. With such success it would make sense that there have been consoles and console brands that have played a huge part in where gaming is today. Let’s name a few: Sega. Nintendo. Sony. Microsoft. Each of those companies have brought a lot to the table with some major consoles, such as the Sega Genesis, PS One, Super Nintendo, and Xbox 360. All major consoles with huge sales numbers.

But not all of the game consoles released are something to write home about. There are knock off consoles that are really pathetic. There are other consoles that aren’t knock offs but that never get the success that you may have thought they would get. And then there are some really crazy ideas.

My oddest video game console is the Sega Toylet. It’s literally a toilet game. You pee on a sensor in a urinal that controls the game on a screen you look at, and there are a few different games available. One of them has a cloud trying to blow a reporters dress up, the force of the wind depending on your peeing. Yeah. That’s way out there. Granted, I’d probably play it if I had one in my local WalMart or somewhere else, but that has got to be the oddest game console I’ve ever seen. You can even buy one and install it in your home (Japan only). What’s the oddest game console you’ve seen or heard of?

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