Nintendo Switch Out Now! Pros and Cons


Congratulations are in order for the Big N, on releasing their newest console into the world, the Nintendo Switch! From everything I’ve read from people online, folks who have one in their home right now, to other gaming industry leaders Nintendo did a great job with this console. I feel like, personally, this is the console the Wii U so much needed to be but wasn’t. Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Wii U basher, I love that console. I think it was a much better console than the Wii yet it hardly had any sales at all; it was a failure really. And that’s a shame, because I really love it and have had some great times playing it! But there’s no denying the home-console-turned-portable potential of the Wii U (with its Off-TV play feature) truly became something incredible with the Switch.

There’s a lot to like about what Nintendo did this time, but frankly there’s some things not to like as well. So I’m gonna do a Pro Con list for the console, as far as what I’m looking forward to vs what I’m not happy about, and sort of do a review-that-isn’t (since I don’t even have one yet haha; but my buddy does so I’m sure I can get a bit of hands on time with it before too much longer). I’ll do something a bit differently: Cons first, Pros second. Let’s get started!


Now I’ll be honest, there is more I like about the console and would want one as opposed to the cons that’ll keep me away. But the cons are no joke for Nintendo’s newest console, so here they are.

  • Lack of Innovation/No VR: Look, I get it, Nintendo is normally a major innovator in the field of gaming, but this time they dropped the ball. Big time. I know, the main thing is taking it on the go (which I’m actually excited about) but that’s not innovative; you can take your powerful gaming phone anywhere, same for your tablet. Heck, you can even remote play the PS4 away from home on your computer/vita/smartphone, so playing your home console away from home isn’t something that’s only Nintendo now. Surely it’s better than the streaming of the PS4 but the fact stands that Nintendo isn’t only of the big 3 that lets you play your console away from home. Heck you can even do it with the Xbox One! And no VR until it’s more “safe”? Um yeah, that’s dumb. I’m sorry. People always slam Sony for never changing things and just making more powerful versions of their past but Sony has the PS VR and let me assure you if you haven’t tried it: it’s a game changer! It’s incredible. Now imagine a VR on the Switch and you’re with Link in Hyrule. Or Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. Or anything Nintendo. How INCREDIBLE would that be? To be fair, they may very well do it down the road, but for such an innovative company to be simply putting out a tablet that you can game anywhere with (which is an old trick by this point) is a bit of a let down.
  • Free game only for a month? You get a free game per month as you stay subscribed to their online service, which is incredible, I mean it’s either a free SNES game or NES game! How can you beat that?! Oh, by doing what Sony and Microsoft do: letting you download a free game and keep it as long as the service is active. Nintendo thought it would be cute to let you have the game for free for only a month! A month!? That’s borderline insane Nintendo, cheapskates! Sorry, I love Nintendo and sincerely hope they have huge sales for their Switch, but this is such a bonehead move on their part it’s not even funny. Let me keep the game as long as the other guys do or I won’t give you a dime for your online service. Switch Pro and ConEver.

Yeah, there was some heat on the Cons there, but the Pros are strong enough that I want a Switch as soon as I get one! That’s good, right? OK, so here we go!


  • You can take the games on the road! Wait a minute, you may ask, did you not just bash the console for this?! Well yes and no. I don’t mind the portability part of it, at all, why would I care about that? My problem is that it’s not all that innovative and I see people everywhere who seem to worship Nintendo always throw out there how innovative they are and Sony/Microsoft aren’t and that’s just plain not true in this case. But taking it on the road is actually a good thing and there is one thing this tablet has that the others don’t: Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Portable. C’mon, no matter what else comes out for Nintendo Switch, having this day 1 bad boy on road is a huge deal! And yes, in spite of the other companies offering ways to play when you’re away from home, there is more of a risk of network issues and dropping signals, things of that nature, this won’t have those issues since it won’t need any Wifi to connect to the game. Sure, in a large sense it’s not leading the market against smartphones/tablets. At all. But those don’t have the first party Nintendo brings to the table, which is always solid and always will be.
  • Saving ability. One thing I have to really applaud Nintendo on is the portable mode, which I just mentioned, but this is a specific point: if the battery dies while you’re out hiking and playing on the bench (or whatever other scenario) it’ll save immediately and not let you lose your progress. That’s huge, that’s such a major thing for Nintendo to have included with their console, and I’m very happy for that.

Sure, my Pro list may be a bit shorter in way than my Con list but let’s be honest: Nintendo did good work and first party exclusives alone make it worthy of owning. It’s all about the exclusive games and Nintendo and Sony definitely bring the best of the best to the console table. But this is about Nintendo’s Switch so I recommend we all go for it if possible! Visit a friend who has one, rent to own it, buy it, any way is fine, just play it and see what Nintendo brought to the table! I know I certainly plan on doing so very soon myself.

Updated: March 4, 2017 — 2:02 am
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