New Kingdom Hearts game: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 coming in 2016 (PS4)!

Okay, you’re either one way or the other about this post: you’re either excited to be getting a new Kingdom Hearts game and think it’s a great thing to see more, or you’re sighing thinking about how annoying it is that we, yet again, are getting a new game before KH3. When we went from KH1 to 2 we had 3 games: the first game, Chain of Memories (to bridge the gap) and 2. 3 games. Now we have, including this new game, 11 games out with no KH3 coming yet. (That includes Unchained Chi as opposed to Kingdom Hearts Chi, I count those as one in the same since it’s the same game just one is on PC and one is on smartphones). That’s a lot of games for us to have seen between 2 and 3, and a lot of people complain about that. I certainly understand that, and I’ve been one of them in past. “Why isn’t KH3 out yet!?” “Why is it taking so long!?” “Why are all of these filler games coming out but no 3!?” That has been me over the years. But that’s not necessarily how I feel now, for a few reasons.

One simple one is that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the extra Kingdom Hearts games we’ve gotten in the meantime. Some more than others, mind you, but I have enjoyed them all in some form. So I can’t say I’m too unhappy about that part of things. Another major reason is that these games coming out first instead of 3, plus the Final Fantasy games and otherwise, has lead KH3 to be on the Xbox One and PS4 and that game looks AWESOME on those consoles! Far better than it ever could have on the PS3, so that part of things certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings when it comes to thinking about the game not coming out by now. There are definite advantages in graphics and abilities for sure. I think the game will be far better for us as fans when it arrives as opposed to a game coming out by now on the PS3. We can never fully know, but I’m willing to bet just about everything I have that we will be getting a much better game for the wait. But it’s so hard to wait! It really is. But I think this new game will do the best by far of the other HD releases as far as building hype and excitement to Kingdom Hearts 3. Let me list why.

KHFirst off we are getting Kingdom Hearts 3D done in HD, and the story of this game certainly ties in very, very strongly into what we can expect from Kingdom Hearts 3. There has been talk over the years that some of the combat that we first saw in 3D, such as the free flow motion fighting and the like, is a major influence over the system we’ll see in KH3. Seeing the gameplay trailers of 3 will give you a 3D vibe in some ways, so you can tell how that has occurred. So playing a game of this magnitude in better graphics certainly doesn’t hurt the build until KH3. I think this game is one of the most solid in the entire series to date, so seeing it in a more powerful form is certainly something that should really help the wait to KH3. But that’s not all!

There is a video based on Kingdom Hearts Chi, and it sounds pretty decent, but I’m only going to talk about the games you can actually play with this collection. The last playable game part is based on Birth by Sleep, featuring Aqua. It’s specifically called Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep-A Fragmentary Passage. Yeah. That part is a bit silly. But what the game is all about seems to be awesome. It takes place after Birth by Sleep, and immediately after 3D as well. Aqua is still in the Realm of Darkness. The game itself is said to be the length of a single world, which may seem like a rip off to some. Heck, even I think they should put a bit more in the game to be enjoyed. But there is something about this that really has me excited, even with the length: Kingdom Hearts 3. This game will be designed and powered by the same technology you’ll see and play in KH3! This is the closest you’ll get to playing KH3 besides playing the game itself. That alone makes this part of the entire game worthwhile to me; I love the idea of playing in KH3 technology for the first time. I wish there was more than a world’s length to the game, but I’ll take what I can get at this point!


This is confirmed to be the last game before we get KH3 (unless that changes down the road for some reason), which leads me to believe we can expect KH3 in 2017. It was said a few years back that there would be at least 1 new KH game each year, and since this game comes in 2016 and is called the last before the big one, then I believe 2017 is the latest we will see the game. In the meantime this looks like the best compilation to get you prepared while waiting on the finale. Time will tell but I think this will be a lot of fun to play!

*As a final note: even though KH3 is also coming to the Xbox One, this game is PS4 only. I’m not sure why since it’s showing KH3 tech off, you’d think Xbox One would have the game as well, but it is what it is. Just keep this in mind*

**And also the picture in this post is taken directly from Square Enix and their Tokyo Game Show images/site. They’d want good representation of their image, and credit as well, so here that is. You can go to Square Enix’s site and see more at:

It’s in Japanese, but since it was from a Tokyo showing the linked site would obviously be in Japanese**

Updated: September 23, 2015 — 9:21 pm
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