NASCAR Heat Evolution Review (PS4).


I’m a big NASCAR fan and a big video game fan so it makes sense that when the first generation 8 NASCAR game came to consoles that I’d be excited about it. I bought it immediately, before noon on release day! I certainly couldn’t wait to get my hands on the game and give it a shot for sure and overall I have to say that I do enjoy the game. But it certainly does have shortcomings that I think need to be fixed with a patch or something down the road, or at least I hope they can be patched. Time will tell there. But I’ll just dive straight into my likes and dislikes and go from there!

Likes: a next Gen NASCAR game is here!, already there are many paint schemes available through DLC, the weather (such as the sun and shadows and such) looks fantastic, very quick to go from playing single player to multiplayer, from one menu to another, and so on.

Dislikes: engines sound very dated and muddy, way too much smoke when you crash or have contact with cars, Road Courses (mostly Sonoma) feels awful in comparison to other racing games it is miserable, has framerate issues at times.NASCAR

What the game does well it does really well. The detail on the tracks is awesome, the tracks truly look just like they do in real life. The weather changes from practice to qualifying to the race is great, for sure, but the things that are wrong and off about the game are really off. All in all I don’t think it stops the game from being fun but the game would be much much better if those things can be patch with a future update in some form or the other.

So would I recommend this game? Yes and no. Yes in that I think this game is fun as is and is a good basis for the future assuming there is DLC that comes that enhances it. No in that the framerate issues at some of the tracks is really annoying and jarring, it really is. So it’s a bit of a tough recommendation in that way. For every Sonoma moment I’ve seen so far I’ve had a Daytona one. Daytona works well in this game, the drafting feels and looks like what I’ve watched over the years so for sure I at least fully recommend that. I’m not sure, this game has a few more issues than I was hoping it would have, but hopefully time will tell and fix the major issues with the game.


My score: SOMEWHAT RECOMMEND. I can’t fully praise this game to the sunset but at the same time I do enjoy it a lot especially the Superspeedways so it’s a mixed bag. At least wait for a DLC Patch or two or a drop in price if you’re not too sure.

Updated: September 16, 2016 — 7:28 pm
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