NASCAR Heat Evolution needs a few more things….


When I say the game needs a few more things I don’t mean the normal things you’d think of, such as having the Nationwide series be in the game or the Trucks and be able to race your way up to the Cup (though that would be incredible). I think there are some things missing from the game that are very much a part of real racing in the Cup series that would be nice to see, even if some of the points are annoying ones, they would fit the real world more and I’d love to see that on that alone. Maybe you can have the option to turn them off or speed them up, something like that, but still I think it would be a great thing or two. But what, you may ask, am I referring to? I’ll tell you!

  1. Rain delays. They don’t happen every weekend but a few times a year it happens, whether it interrupts a full race or just the practice or something like that, the weather hits and you have to wait it out. Minus at road courses, where you can put on rain tires and go at it. That should be in the game. Weather. If you’re at a road course you can choose to race in rain tires. If you’re at an oval you have to wait on the track dryers to dry the track. Of course most people won’t want to wait for hours for that to pass by, which is what I mean by being able to make time fast forward or something, but that would certainly make the game more real.NASCAR Heaty
  2. Fights! Drivers when mad sometimes throw stuff at cars or even a fist at the driver. If you really wronged a driver in the race maybe he’ll intentionally try to take you out after he returns from the garage, or wait for you in pit road and after the race sock you a good one. It doesn’t need to be a fighting game; the crew would get in the way and break it up as they do in reality. But c’mon, that happens in real life, so why not have an anger system where a driver will only take so much?
  3. Rescheduling. It rained in the day Sunday afternoon so suddenly the race will become a night one, and you’ll only be racing to half way because more rain is on the way. That would be awesome to play! Reality works out like that (such as the most recent race at Texas Motor Speedway which I was at in person). Make it where that happens if the weather gets in the way; that is very realistic.

There is more that I could think of but those are the biggest ones right now I’d like to see. I highly doubt a patch could add all of that in and frankly I doubt it’ll ever happen, but you can always hope! Maybe something like that’ll happen one day!

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 12:08 am
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