NASCAR Heat Evolution is out today!


NASCAR Heat Evolution is out today and that’s great things for sports fans! Okay, maybe only NASCAR/motorsports fans. Okay 2, that depends on how the game plays and how well it’s received. But if you read any of the posts on this page you’ll see how I think that Sonic Mania for Sega is going to be a great game because it strikes that certain chord that a Sonic 2D game should, and I think this NASCAR game will do the same for the world of, well, NASCAR. No, it’s no iRacing, so in that sense I believe this game will always leave something lacking, and that’s to be understood, but there are a few reasons I think this game has a great shot at being what NASCAR fans have wanted for a long time. I’ve talked enough about this game enough that some of these points very well may be repeated so I’ll leave it a bit shorter in a way.

*40 player multiplayer. If the game servers are up to par this has potential to be huge, really huge, especially if you can set leagues and stuff. At that point it wouldn’t be much worse than iRacing in my opinion. The cars are very accurate in comparison to the real NASCAR Stock Cars and though the tracks aren’t laser scanned as far as I can tell the work done at the tracks to make them very much like real life looks like a good way to do it, so you’re getting a good (hopefully) NASCARexperience with multiple people at tracks that are pretty realistic. Joey Logano, winner of the most Sprint Cup races in 2014 and 2015 combined, stated when he raced in the game at Homestead that it feels very similar to his feelings in the actual car, so if that doesn’t sell some of the realism nothing will. Now have that with a full field of cars and you have an experience that truly can be huge for the motorsports video game fans.

*Car optimization and simulation mode. Okay so in iRacing you can do a lot to your car, shocks, springs, etc, etc. The same is true for this game, though I’m not sure it has as many options all in all; I never fully messed around with the settings in iRacing. But the fact remains that you have more than a few options on messing around with your car and making it exactly as you want, which is very much like how the real world of NASCAR is. And yes, though there is a normal mode to make the game easier, there is also the simulation mode which gives it that more real feel, in particular if you have a steering wheel/pedal combo controller. That’s good, all in all when you add what you can do to the car, the track realism, the full field of other players, and the simulation mode you have a NASCAR game that’s a cut above what we’ve had recently.

Does that mean this game will be perfect right off the bat? No, the too much smoke on contact is a bit annoying and will be until they fix it. But they’ve said they’re not only willing to fix the smoke and things like that but add more to the game as needed, and the base game, provided it doesn’t suffer major bugs and things of that nature, is very strong, so this is a great time to be a NASCAR fan and a gamer! I’ll end up getting it and reviewing it but for now I’m going to be optimistic and scream at the top of my lungs: NASCAR is BACK BABY!!

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 8:04 am
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