NASCAR Heat Evolution gameplay update.


Ever so often when I play a game a lot I like to revisit some of the things that have been happening and share them with you guys that way you get to see more of my exploits and my enjoyment in a game. Wow, that’s a bit conceited or something isn’t it? Egotistical perhaps? I’m not sure haha, but it’s fun to talk to others about gaming exploits so I want to do that here ever so often, this time on the topic of NASCAR Heat Evolution. I just finished my 3rd Career mode full season (as myself in the 28 Ford Fusion, as a reference to Davey Allison) and I ended up winning the Championship in the end of it all!

It was a great season for me in fact, winning 12 races in the year and barely winning the final race and becoming the champion. I have the race set at a shorter distance but tire/fuel wear X4 that way I have to pit at least once in the race, to make it more like in reality, and that has gone well for me. I usually short pit meaning I’ll pit at the soonest opportunity I can do so and still make it to the finish based on what I do (normally I get two right side tires and fuel, no damage repairs). Sometimes it works well for me and I gain a lot of track position, sometimes it’s awful and I lose a lot of ground. Plus most of the A.I. changes 4 tires so they have a freshness advantage over me every time to be honest.

But with 12 races won I’d say that I’m not too bad at pit strategy. I had a few races won that shouldn’t have and I’m still floored by them. One was at….well….I don’t remember the track to be perfectly honest, but I ran out of fuel literally on the last lap of the race and like in real life either the checkered flag ends the race or the caution, that’s the end on the final lap. NASCAR HeatyWell I was out of fuel on turn 1 and I was just hoping to somehow have somebody draft me a bit and help me get a decent finish but instead I got taken out big time by Tony Stewart and that was awesome because a caution came out and froze the field and based on that time period I was the leader, so I won the race and advanced my way to the next round of the Chase!

I was thrilled because otherwise my finish would have been bad and I know for sure my Chase would have been in major jeopardy. I didn’t cause a crash on purpose (or did I? hehe) but I was so glad to win that race. Then I went to Martinsville in the next round of the Chase, won that locking myself in the final 4 for Homestead. I’m not all that good at Homestead and my race had me averaging running around 12-15th which wasn’t nearly good enough considering the 3 I was racing for the Cup were all in the top 10, some up in the top 5. So I short pitted like normal and hoped something good would happen. Then the unthinkable! A caution late in the pit cycle, where I didn’t have to pit since I had already, but all of the other guys had to, and I lapped the entire field!! Sure a lot of them got the wave around but all I had to do was cruise for the final 3 laps on the restart since I was at the back of the field and 2nd on back were up front like normal (odd scenario, I know).

So I won and won the Championship! I won 1 race my first season, about 7 or 8 my second, and 12 my third alongside the Cup. But I don’t have a Daytona 500 or Brickyard 400 yet, so those are my next aims in the new season in my Advocare Ford Fusion! I won’t update each and every single season but as I’m loving the game I don’t mind talking it up. It’s much more enjoyable as time moves forward and although there are some things that need to be fine tuned this is a great NASCAR Game, so I recommend it for sure.

Updated: October 2, 2016 — 5:11 am
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