NASCAR Heat Evolution Career Season 1-3.


So I got NASCAR Heat Evolution the day it came out, which is natural to a big gamer such as myself and a big NASCAR fan too. The game isn’t perfect and has some things that would be nice if they were fixed or enhanced but all in all I have to say that I love the game. Well to make a long story short *too late: Clue reference* I have 2 full seasons under my belt as myself in career mode and I’ve had a blast so far even with some major failures that I’m not proud of at all. I race in normal mode, auto transmission, normal difficulty (though I may enhance that soon) normally with 4X tire wear so I have to pit at least once in a 7% race, oh and full damage as well.

My first season wasn’t anything to write home about, though I did get a win late in the season at the final Martinsville race. I nearly had a win at the earlier Bristol race which would have been good because it would have locked me into the Chase, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be, and I had to settle for the one win late in the season. But I had gotten better with the NASCAR Heatygame as I went on so I figured I had a much higher chance of making the Chase the next time by and boy did I!

I won several races in the season, starting off with the first Martinsville. I knew my Chase spot was locked in if I stayed in the top 30 but I wasn’t nearly done winning. I won both the road courses. I won Michigan. I won the last Martinsville again, in all I won 7 races all season and made it to the final 4 for the Cup. But my final race in my second season was less than ideal and I didn’t finish all that well, I got 3rd in the points overall. I was never really a threat for the Championship and that upset me, but my mile and half package doesn’t seem to be up to snuff with my Ford Fusion so it wasn’t too shocking.

Then I started my 3rd season with the Daytona 500 and by playing I’m getting better at plate racing and I got 2nd by less than 0.3 tenths of a second, which was really sad in a way, but made me happy that I had such a good shot at winning a plate race. I have a felling I’ll make the Chase this time yet again, I mean I nearly made it my first season and definitely destroyed making it round two so I have confidence I’ll make it this time. I just hope I win the final race and take it all!

Updated: October 2, 2016 — 4:27 am
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