NASCAR + Halo 5 Paint Schemes = Awesome!


The other day the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was racing in Kansas for their event before Sunday Night Football on NBC. It was a great race with some exciting moments, like the leader and second place car tangling and spinning (the leader only) with 3 laps left, which set up a restart with just a few laps to go to settle the winner. Truly a fun race, for sure by the end. Unless you’re a fan of the driver who got spun out in which case you likely didn’t enjoy the race very much. But that’s for another post on another blog. The main reason I’m writing this post is because of two of the paint schemes that were run in the race! One belonged to Jamie McMurrary and the other to Dale Earnhardt Jr, and I’m sure you can put together which game they were representing: Halo 5! I’m not sure why those drivers were both sponsored in such a way but it was really cool to see. I love NASCAR and video games both so to see them each mix is great, something you don’t see to quite the same extent in other sports. You’ll never see a Halo sponsored NFL team for example. Nor for the NBA. Or NHL. Or the PGA. You get the point.

So while that was great to see in the race the other day it got me thinking: which other games would I love to see in the Sprint Cup Series? Video games have graced NASCAR.comNASCAR vehicles in the past, including Sonic the Hedgehog in the second tier NASCAR Xfinity Series. But I’d like to see more of the games I love be in the Sprint Cup, where the most people will see it. One game I think would look great on a car is Uncharted, to represent the new Nathan Drake Collection. Any car and driver would look good with his paint on their car, apart maybe from Danica Patrick since she’s a girl. Not to be sexist but a game starring Nathan Drake makes more sense for a guy. I think anything Mario fits for NASCAR and I’ve seen more than a few paint schemes based around him in NASCAR, so more is better there. I’d also like to see some schemes based purely on major consoles or moments. Say Sony knows they are having a major, major flash sale in the month. Why not sponsor a NASCAR stock car and get attention for that in that way? How about a major markdown on the Xbox One for the month? Why not put Microsoft in the ring again like they just did to announce that?

The cars looked stunning and really did a great job representing the game, that is Halo 5, and the others I’ve seen over the years have done the same thing for their games in the past, so it’s no wonder why I’d love to see more in the future. What about you? If you were to put in something for a NASCAR team to paint their car around which game/character/theme would you pick? I’ve made mine very clear so let’s see what you have to say!


*NASCAR is viewed by millions upon millions each weekend, so wanting to see more games as essentially ads during an event is a great thing to see as a gamer, even if you hate NASCAR.*

The image shared with this post belongs to a variety of groups overall, but I can’t post about paint schemes and not use the image, that would be dumb. So here we go: Thanks to the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) for the image, and their representative at the tracks, Miss Sprint Cup in particular for taking said image and sharing it. You can see more about NASCAR at Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well, to see these images from the race and more! Also be sure to check out Miss Sprint Cup on Facebook, since she’s the one responsible for the image in this post.

Updated: October 20, 2015 — 11:42 pm
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