NASCAR Fantasy Video game ideas.


A few of my recent articles have been about NASCAR and that’s for a few reasons. For one I love NASCAR, for two I’m getting a bit pumped up for NASCAR Heat Evolution which is coming next month, and for three I’ve been watching various races lately from the Sprint Cup all the way down to the smaller series. Suffice it to say NASCAR is on my mind currently so it makes sense that I’d have a few ideas for articles to make on the site. This one is a purely fantasy article one that I know won’t ever happen but sometimes it’s fun to think about certain things you’d like to see in a game. This is my NASCAR NASCARfantasy game and what I’d like to see in it! The gist of the game is the same as any other NASCAR game; your point is to race the season and be the Champion, you qualify for races, etc the normal you’d expect. But my list here is where things are different.

*Different generations of cars all on the same track. I’d love to see some of the old stock cars from the beginning of NASCAR be in a game alongside the Generation 6 NASCAR we see race today. Or even cars from the 80s against cars from the 90s! That would be so awesome to see. I guess two gameplay modes would fit with it, one that equals all cars no matter what their speed or horsepower from the past would be against current cars and one that’s realistic. When you race a NASCAR stock car against an IndyCar at Indianapolis in Forza 6 you can’t stand a chance in the NASCAR, it’s just like how real life would be. So we could have a mode like that so that it’s more real. The stock cars from NASCAR’s beginning would never stand a chance against Jimmie Johnson’s car so that could be a mode that reflect that.

*Fight! You should be able to go up to somebody’s car after a race and fight if you want! No, don’t make it a brawler game, but at least a push or something and build that rivalry as the season goes. It naturally gets worse as you push the other driver around but if you don’t fight them after they’ve wronged you then maybe the rivalry cools off down a bit, that would be really cool to see.

*Visit sponsors. If Dr. Pepper is interested in you then you hit the go to button or something on a map of sorts to go to their HQ and you have dialog options that will change their view of you depending on your choices. If you do well you get the sponsor, depending on your finishes too of course. If you aren’t up to par on what they want in person then they won’t take the risk of you on the track either and you lose out on them. And if you don’t lock in any sponsors for your team then you have to either sit out a season, and work in the off season on trying to get sponsors for the next year, or hope a team decides to use you.

*Trade teams. What if you aren’t doing well in your Joe Gibbs Toyota and they decide that by season’s end they aren’t going to renew your contract? Well let’s assume you can leave early so they can get their next guy in, then maybe you can go to Hendrick Motorsports or somebody else to see what you can get going for yourself. It’s more of an add to what I just listed above this point but that would be cool in the game.

*Injuries. Sure, NASCAR drivers don’t suffer injuries as much as NFL players and other major sports stars do. But look at Dale Earnhardt Jr missing all of these races because of concussions. Or Kyle Busch last year with a broken foot and leg. The reality is that injuries can occur in NASCAR and that should be a reality, you should have a pseudo health bar of sorts that is affected by crashes. That would also mean that you can’t just be an idiot and overcharge the corners and crash all the time, and the health bar would be in effect all season long so you have to be in top shape all season.

Those are just some of the ideas I think would be nice for a fantasy NASCAR game. These things are likely never to happen but I really do think that would be fun to see play out!

Updated: August 30, 2016 — 4:49 am
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