NASCAR fantasy game desires.


Let me start off this post by saying that none of these thoughts or ideas are anything that are likely ever to be in a NASCAR video game in any form whatsoever. That being said, there is nothing wrong with coming up with some fun ideas that could be good for a game series sometime in the future. I had made a Sonic the Hedgehog smartphone game idea a few years back that almost to the dot came true in Sonic Runner, so who knows? Maybe my ideas will eventually find themselves in a real game one day? The things I’d like to see in a future NASCAR game range from completely based in reality and may actually happen to completely out in left field and will never see the light of day. But when you’re coming up with fun game ideas it doesn’t matter how real they are or not, they’re real to you and that’s reason enough to voice your opinions. So here we go!

This list will be in no particular order and if it’s something I’ve talked about in the past I apologize, it just shows how much I may want a particular element or two in a future NASCAR game. I’ll do it in bullet point form as opposed to paragraph form and let each point gather momentum as I see fit. Here is my list:

*Choose your own points system! Love the Chase? Hate it? Liked an earlier version of Racingthe Chase more than this one that we see currently? Then you choose! I’d love to see a NASCAR game that allows you to choose the points system you run under! It would have to be between the ’03 system, the ’04 Chase one and all the other Chase ones that followed, that way there is simplicity in what is there. But still, even within that bubble, that offers a ton of replay value! It’ll never happen but I’d love to see something like this.

*Start at the bottom and make your way up! I want you to be able to start off in the bottom rung in the NASCAR world and as you have success in those series you eventually make your way up to the Cup series. You don’t just start off a Cup driver in real life, so why should you start off there in a video game world? Make it more realistic! Work your way up!

*Have the tracks be laser scanned, thus making them almost just like the real deal. Real drivers use programs like iRacing in order to help them on new tracks or even current ones, and these programs help because it gives off a feel (track wise and with the car of course) that almost matches what it’s like in real life. Why not have that in a major stand alone NASCAR game?

*Get fired! I think it would add an entirely new dynamic to the game if you had a chance to be fired if you didn’t do a good job. You’d even have to go to other race teams and basically see if you’d fit the bill there. I love the idea of being able to be fired and having to scramble for good finishes to make potential sponsors and teams pay more attention to you. Maybe you can even put your hat in for a certain team and you can see a success meter from both the team and their sponsors after each race with your current team to see what you are looking at down the road, with a certain percentage giving you the ride. That would be cool.

*Fight! You should be able to fight drivers who anger you after a race. Not beat them until they’re bloody or anything too violent, but be able to throw a punch or two before officials get in the way (boo!!). As you do that your reputation among that driver and others is affected, so they may race you dirtier or cleaner depending on how you handle yourself after the race. They’d race you rougher if you always start fights, and cleaner if they see you never cause the conflict but rather are in defense. That’ll never happen but that would be so cool!

Those are the top wants for a future NASCAR game for me! How about you? What would you like to see? Anything I listed, or something entirely different? Be sure to leave your comment and let me know!


Updated: October 1, 2015 — 12:14 am
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