NASCAR 2015 video game wants?


The NASCAR video games are some of the most hit or miss sports games I think I’ve ever played. They generally look good when it comes to screenshots or even during the event. But there always seems to be something off with the games themselves. Things like the online not working well, cautions never coming out when there is an accident, far too manyNo more crashes crazy crashes and more. So it got me thinking about the future of the NASCAR video games and what I wanted the most. I just want consistency. That’s a cop-out, but it gets old seeing every (what should be) small crash involve 25 plus cars no matter the track. At Talladega and Daytona it makes sense, but not at Texas or Charlotte. That’s all I want. Make sure the gameplay is refined where possible, make it fun to play, and get rid of so many cars crashing all the time. What are your top wants for any future NASCAR game?

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