NASCAR ’15 review.


NASCAR ’15, an update to NASCAR ’14, is a game that’s (console wise) only available at GameStop. I was there yesterday buying my wife the God of War collection and decided I’d spend the 20 bucks and get the game. I knew it wasn’t a brand new fully fledged game, for the most part, with it being an update to the last game that came out. But a new game is a new game and in spite of the fact that I’ve had a hard time watching NASCAR this year (since Jeff Gordon is doing so miserably) I still really enjoy playing the video games. I typically play as myself in a Toyota, since I own a Corolla in real life, and take it from there. But how does the game handle? I’ll give you my likes and dislikes and a score.

Jeff GordonLikes: The new paint schemes from the current year; the new car models, specifically the Toyota Camry, which was updated for this season in the real NASCAR; career mode is enjoyable, as it always was; it feels a bit easier to drive.

Dislikes: Graphics, though not just awful, aren’t improved in any form; sometimes the racing can be a bit unrealistic with everybody all packed together at almost every track. (That’s how I’d love for it to be in real life, but since that’s not how it is it counts as a negative).

I have to say that considering this is just an update to the NASCAR ’14 game that this is actually pretty fun. I can’t be sure yet, but I think the car is a bit easier to drive and save from crashing, which is cool. Maybe it’s just an adjustment that I made here that I didn’t in the last game, but it does feel like a good racing game, better than before at least a bit. It’s no Project Cars, but it doesn’t need to be. It does well what it intends: it’s a NASCAR game with the most up to date paint schemes and car models, as a bridge to the next gen NASCAR game. All in all I have to say it’s an 8/10. It could have done more to impress me but overall I have to say I’m satisfied. I can’t wait for the next gen NASCAR game we all want, but still, this’ll do until then!

Updated: June 29, 2015 — 3:15 am
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