NASCAR ’15 Career Season 2 review #1.


I’m still needing to follow up on the first season set of articles that I started, so I’m going to catch that up to season 2 right now and then take it from there, to make it easier. My first season was a great one, where as a rookie I earned 11 wins, the second most in modern era history. If this were real of course. I had a lot of pit strategy go really well, leading me to wins. I actually played with consistently harder A.I. than I normally do. I’ll have to amp it up if my strategy continues to be too hard for the others to comprehend. But all in all it wasn’t a cakewalk and I didn’t end up with the Championship either! I won the Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400, which if you’re a NASCAR fan you know are Championship events. But as for the Chase I didn’t win it all. I didn’t make it to the Final 4 round. The round that sets that up is Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix. I didn’t finish better than 39th in any of those races. In Martinsville and Phoenix I crashed. In Texas I had the lead late in the race, with about 2 or 3 to go, but I ran out of fuel and had to pit for more. It wasn’t any fun, I knew that Texas was my biggest shot to make it. Phoenix gave me a pole so  the weekend started off well but everything else was a disaster. I won Homestead giving me my 11th win on the season, stealing the thunder from the Final 4, which was nice.

That moves me to my second season in my career in NASCAR ’15. I started off in great form, winning the Daytona 500 yet again in my 52 Lowe’s, Bank of America, MOOG, NASCARExide Batteries, Menards Chevrolet SS. It was nice to get that win again, especially with how unpredictable plate racing can be. Even in the video games that form of racing is crazy and all over the place so to win there again was great. I’m finding that while I struggle greatly on short tracks I’m great at the Superspeedways so that’s a good thing for me. I’ve actually found that I’m good at the mile and half tracks, which is good since that’s the bulk of the schedule. So after 8 races in the new season I’ve somehow won 4 of them. Yes, that makes me sound really good or that I have the difficulty too low but I can assure you it’s all pit strategy. Minus Daytona that is. But those other wins are only the result of me being smart with my pitting and putting the car in early or late depending on my track position and things like that. I suppose it’s always good to think about making the difficulty harder and I may just do that, but at least I know for sure that I do race against a tough opponent, it’s just my pitting. In Texas, for example, I know I only won because I pitted right at the end for a splash of fuel and ran the final 2 laps. Otherwise I was over 4 seconds back and couldn’t race my way to the lead.

Things like that are actually pretty common for me. Only the road courses and plate races do I actually normally find myself leading laps consistently. So that’s nice, because I added race distance and X2 wear to make sure that pitting was a part of the race and I seem to be really good at that part of it. Maybe I should try to crew chief somebody in the future? Of course I’m joking but that part of things goes well for me. I try to follow strategies that you see often in real life and it works in the gaming world, since it’s all based on the same principles, so there you go. I’ll be sure to update again soon, since I find myself playing the game more often in the last few days. I’m locked in the Chase, so now it’s all about getting better at short tracks until then.

Updated: January 29, 2016 — 3:00 am
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