NASCAR ’14 new season.

I’m spending tons of time playing a lot of different games lately, which makes sense considering I have almost too many to choose from. One of tNASCARhe games I play fairly often is NASCAR ’14 on the PS3. The goal for me is to win the Championship, racing the entire season from Daytona to Homestead. I don’t have the time to race the full distance, so I typically race roughly 15% of the races. I go with 2X tire wear and 2X fuel use so that I have to pit at least once in a race, which makes it more like real life. I race with damage on visual only since over the top non realistic crashes are the norm, even if you’re not doing anything wrong. Maybe I’m a coward for that, but that’s the damage I prefer. I’ve raced two events with me winning the Daytona 500 and getting second in the Phoenix race. I’m setting up to go to Vegas right now and see how I do there. I thought it may be fun here and there to post what my current season is like and how it has gone. And feel free to comment how your latest sports season is going as well, whether Fifa, Madden, F1, NASCAR, or anything! I love sports video games and I’d love to hear about your career and how it is going as well.


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