My Ultimate Smash Bros Roster: Part 1!


I was just getting ready to play my Smash Bros 3DS game a few minutes ago and it hit me how awesome the roster is now. We have a ton of great Nintendo characters. We have great third party characters too, like Sonic the Hedgehog. We have Mega Man. We even have Pac Man! All of the support characters put this list of characters over the top, it’s a great thing to see, especially if you’ve been with the series since the very beginning on the N64. We even have toys, amiibos, that can interact with us and level up. Things have come a long way in the Smash world. And while thinking about the incredible roster we currently have, toys and otherwise, it hit me: there are still tons of great characters that could be added! We all have our perfect Smash roster. I’m going to list my Ultimate roster (which excludes characters already in Smash), starting with this post as part 1. I’ll add 2 characters per part and talk about why I think they’d be a good fit in Nintendo’s brawler. Here we go! *in Mario voice*

My first character in my roster: Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Why he makes sense in a Arkham CityNintendo game: because of Kingdom Hearts 3D primarily. Kingdom Hearts 3D shapes the series up for what it will be right as it hits Kingdom Hearts 3, so I see great reasons why a third party character like Sora would be right at home in a Smash game. Sure, KH3 won’t be on the Wii U or any other Nintendo platform as of yet, but that doesn’t change that the series has had a big presence on Nintendo platforms. I can see his abilities from 3D being very useful in a Smash game, so fighting wise it too would make sense for Sora to be there. There have been requests for years for him to be in a Smash game, and the same was true for Sonic and Mega Man as well, so there is hope that this character will actually show up one of these days!

My second charater: Batman from Batman Arkham City. Why he makes sense in a Nintendo game: because of the Batman Arkham City Armored Edition for the Wii U. There are other Batman games on the Wii U and on the 3DS as well, so take your pick as to why it makes sense for him to be in a Smash game, but I picked this one simply because it was the first Wii U Batman Arkham game. Batman would fit in a game like this because his both stealthy and can fly around the battlefield taking enemies out one right after another. He has his gadgets he could use as well which would make him a stout fighter. Nintendo would have to curb some of his abilities, perhaps, so that he’s not overpowered but all in all they do a great job of that. I believe he’d be a great add to the next Smash game!

So that’s how it starts for me! I’ll add 2 more characters each post that follows this one, that way it’s quick and balanced. Most if not all of the characters I’d add are third party, but I will try to make them sensible characters for the game. For example, Crash Bandicoot would have very little business in a Smash game. We all have our own roster, so feel free to add your own characters to each post and we can compare characters!

Updated: April 1, 2015 — 7:50 pm
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