My top 3 upcoming comic stories!


This post isn’t about comic books directly, but rather it’s all about some of the awesome comic book movies and games that are coming in the near future that I’m really pumped about. There is a reason I’m going to talk about 2 films before talking about the one video game so there is a very video game direction about this article even in spite of films making up the bulk. I’m a person who really enjoys reading comic books and seeing the stories that are out there. I may enjoy the films and video games based on comics more overall, but I’ve read a comic or two lately that had me engaged very thoroughly. If you’re one of the fans of the films or games and you’ve not read any of the major comics, whether Marvel or DC, do yourself a favor and pick up some of the bigger ones. You’ll be happy you did. Anyways, enough of that. Here is my list of the top 3 upcoming comic stories I can’t wait for!

#1: Avengers: Age of Ultron. This has to be my number one pick for a few reasons, one of which is that it’s coming out within a few weeks! When a movie is coming out that you’re pumped for it gets more and more exciting as it is about to arrive, and this film is no different. Plus everything Marvel has done with the MCU has been incredible, from Iron Man all the way to DareDevil. They have done a great job with making everything cohesive and making it fun to keep up with, so I’m really excited to see everything that their latest major film brings to the table. I’m no Marvel fanboy by any means but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate all of the awesome films and TV shows they’ve created lately. Outside of Iron Man 2 and 3 I’ve enjoyed all of the Marvel films I’ve seen, which is the majority of them. I have a few I need to catch up on but that’s for a different day and time. For now it’s all about Ultron and having a blast! I think this film will outdo the first one in a variety of ways, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

#2: Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. This isn’t my number two in that it’s less thrilling to me than the Avengers. It’s Batman and Superman. That’ll always trump Marvel to me. But since the Avengers strikes much sooner I had to put it on top. I’m about equal in my excitement for each film, though this wins based on the Bat alone. (Ahem, now with that DC favoritism out of the way lol). This movie offers a story that I’m thrilled aboBatmanut for a few reasons, one of which being the Dark Knight Returns. This film is taking several cues from that comic (read it if you haven’t yet) although it’s not completely based on it. The trailer that was released recently shows the conflict that we can expect between Batman and Superman, and I’m really excited to see how that all plays out. This film continues DC’s run at Marvel’s success with the Avengers, with Man of Steel being their first film for their movie universe, so the hype for this film is expectantly high. Ben Affleck looks great as Batman and the theme of the film and the tone looks awesome, so I’m pumped to see this story play out. But there is one video game that trumps both of these, even if just barely.

#3: Batman Arkham Knight. Just because this is a video game doesn’t mean it doesn’t/won’t tell an incredible story. Movies have a certain look to them, where realism really does help sell the film and makes it more enjoyable. The same is true for TV shows. Video games may be missing a point or two in a way when it comes to the comparisons to major TV shows and movies (though not always), but they can offer stories that are easily just as good as anything you’ll watch through those means. I mean, outside of major actors and budgets and things like that, what is a movie? A telling of a story. What is a TV show? A telling of a story. What is a video game (outside of the ultra casual games)? A telling of a story. Even some of those casual games I put in parenthesis can offer some story at times. Games tell stories and the Arkham story has been incredible to experience so far. Rocksteady is looking to go out with a bang with Arkham Knight, and I can’t wait to see the game and what it’ll offer. I watch the trailers the same way I would for a film. I find myself looking at the calendar waiting on the date for the game to come, as I would for a film. It offers so much to be excited about! You have to be a Batman fan to really enjoy it, but it’s easily the top comic story (outside of the comics themselves) that I’m looking forward to seeing be played out.

I’m excited to see what all the villains are up to. And seeing who the Arkham Knight really is. What extras will be in the game? What surprises are we set up for? What’s the part or more that got this game an M rating as opposed to a T rating? Things like this have me to the ready, even more so than the two films I mentioned at the beginning. Plus driving the Batmobile! Games are great at telling stories but they also allow you to navigate the character around and do things the way you’d do it if you were really the character. It’s the most interactive way of story telling available, and that, among many other reasons, is why the Arkham Knight is the biggest comic story for the foreseeable future for me. But not everybody agrees or likes the same thing, which is great because life would be too vanilla otherwise. So which upcoming comic story do you think is the best overall, which one has your attention the deepest? Is it a film? A video game? Either way, let us know in the comments!


Updated: April 21, 2015 — 9:31 pm
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