My top 3 PC games!


There are a ton, and I mean a TON, of great video games available on PC. Not only are there pure PC games but there are tons of emulators that allow you to play games from past consoles as well. I think it’s safe to say you can play more games on PC than on any other one platform. But for all of the options available I’ve not found a tons of great PC Gaminggames I really enjoy on PC. I’ve played a lot, but not a lot of them are what I would call go to experiences. Why do you go to the PS3? The Xbox 360? The Wii U? You go to them for gaming on one or more particular games. I only really have 3 that I go to on the PC, which is much lower than any of my other gaming consoles. But the 3 games that I consider must play on the PC are great games and are more than enough to keep me happy!

The first such game is fan games. That’s a cop-out because it’s not one unique game, but it’s definitely a defined genre in its own way. The fan games I enjoy the most are Five Nights at Treasure Island and Sonic Before the Sequel. They are both very enjoyable games that definitely stand out on their own. They may be based on larger properties, but the creators of those games have definitely come up with something unique and fun, and they’re free, so there’s no reason not to give them at least a shot! The Five Nights at Treasure Island is still in demo form, so you only get 2 nights as of now, but what they have gotten done is great. Both of those in particular are my favorite fan games.

My second major PC game that I really enjoy playing is the Sims. The series is almost infinite in possibilities, which I really like. You can make stories about just anybody you’d Sims 4 gamingwant and you can do tons of other things such as building homes and building relationships and a career. You can have kids and live their lives after the adults are long gone. The game offers so much to do that it’s almost hard to comprehend. It’s a great value for the cash, and the Sims 4 looks great on my PC even though it’s not the highest powered, so that was nice! Definitely worth a look if you’ve not played the series yet.

The third and final game that is huge to me on the PC is Star Wars The Old Republic. It’s a great game that has an incredible atmosphere, and a lot of choices are down to your preference. Whether that’s in conversations or in what to do when, this game is huge I love it. I have had issues getting it to download to my current PC but I have played it in the past and I love the game. It’s just a great Star Wars game that I love, and again, it’s free, so I recommend that you give this a look too. If you like Star Wars and like to play PC games you can’t beat it! (This all assumes nothing drastic has changed since I last played over a year ago. Then the game was pretty solid and didn’t give me many issues. If it’s worse now for any reason I’m not aware). Which PC games are your favorite to play?


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