My top 3 favorite RPG series!


There are tons of great video games and generes out there for consumers to enjoy. I’ve played several myself, from platforming and racing to sports and RPG’s. All of the generes out there have games that are great and represent the group very well. And all of them also have games that are horrible representations of the genre and are to be avoided at all costs. That’s how it goes in just about everything in life it would seem. Through playing all of the games that I have in my life I have come to realize that RPG’s are definitely my favorite genre of games. Platformers like Sonic and Crash will always have my heart from growing up, and I still count Sonic the Hedgehog as my favorite game series to this day, but overall RPG’s are the most engaging to me. So I decided I’d list my favorite 3 series and some of the key games that make me feel so strongly towards them!

The first has to be Final Fantasy. The main reasons: Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Final Fantasy XII, the Final Fantasy XIII series, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, and Final Fantasy XIV. Okay, that’s a really long list, but that’s how it is. Those are the main reasons I love the Final Fantasy series as much as I do! There are other games that I’ve played that I enjoy as well in the series, but these games have been so moving to me that it’s hard to top them. (Can you beat the feels from the end of Crisis Core)? They each took a ton of time from my life, which may not be a good thing depending on your view, but these games are great. I loved the characters, stories, and choices you could make that influenced the games. This series is also full of great music, and I’m a sucker for good music. It’s no wonder this is one of my favorite RPG series of all time!

The second is Kingdom Hearts. The man reasons: Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. I love this series for a great variety of reasons: good music, fun gameplay, tons of action, enjoyable bosses, extra challenges that give you more to aim for. It’s just a great series overall, one that I’ve been with since the beginning. I’m eagerly anticipating Kingdom Hearts 3, like many millions of other people, but in the meantime there is a lot of great things to enjoy from what’s already out. The story is a bit confusing, to say the least, so I’m hoping that’ll narrow itself down in the near future. But it’s still in my top 3 RPG series of all time.

The last has to be Tales of (title). The main reasons: Tales of Xillia 1 and 2, and Tales of Graces f. And Mass Effect, for all 3 of the main games. It’s a tie for the third position. (That’s a cop-out, I know, but that’s how it goes). Tales is great because I love the anime look and feel of the games. Xillia 2 has the advantage of allowing you to make choices that influence the game, so that’s cool to me. And as for the original Xillia, it’s hard to RPGpick any errors with the game! Great music, awesome battle system, a fun story, great characters, two stories for the game. I loved the game, which was my first Tales game ever. Tales of Graces f was almost as good, which surprised me. I didn’t think I’d ever love another Tales game the way I did with Xillia. But this game has surprised me. It’s a great game that solidifies the Tales series in my mind even more.

As for Mass Effect, what more can be said? The character customization, the extreme amount of choices and how they move the game forward for you, the fact that it’s set in space (I love space) and so much more. Oh and one more strong point: Garrus. This series is incredible and the biggest and best part is that what you do in Mass Effect 1 can be seen and felt all the way to Mass Effect 3. I’ve not played any other game series that lets you have this much level of influence in the world and this game does it perfectly. I like that you can play it tons of times and still not have hit every combination of things that can be seen and done. Replay value is major to me, and a lot of other gamers, and Mass Effect does it perfectly.

There you have it! My top 3 favorite RPG series! There are tons of other great games out there that represent the RPG genre very well, but these three do it the best of all, at least to me! How about you?

Updated: February 10, 2015 — 5:51 am
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