My top 2 favorite game consoles.


I have played a ton of game consoles in my life. Just off the top of my head I can count over 22 consoles that I have played. Some of these consoles I never owned, I played them as I visited friends or family. But a lot of these I owned and still do today. Ever since the Sega Genesis I’ve been hooked on gaming. I’m not sure why my parents decided to buy us a Genesis, but I’m really glad they did. But after playing all of these different games and consoles over the years naturally you develop your favorite ones. You have that one console that means the most to you, that you go to no matter what it is you are wanting to play. I have several that I really like. In fact, I don’t recall ever playing a console that I didn’t like at all. But there are always a few, specifically two, consoles that come to mind when I pick my favorite of all time. It isn’t easy to narrow it down to two, but these do stand a bit above all the others. Here they are!

The first console is the Sega Genesis. It’s one of my top two for a few major reasons, one of them being that it was my first game console ever. No matter how many other games and consoles I ever end up playing, I owe it all to the Genesis because I wouldn’t have played any other games if not for an awesome foundation. I also count the Genesis as one of my top consoles because I have played a lot of awesome and fun games on the console, that are still fun to Sega and Sonythis day. Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Gain Ground, Toy Story, Ristar, and many more. I had the Sega Channel and I played a lot of great games. It’s just a great console, and I still not only play Genesis games to this day on other devices, but I still have my Genesis plugged up and play it directly. I don’t see the time when I won’t count the Genesis as one of my top two or so gaming consoles. It has meant too much to me, and I’ve had a great time playing Genesis games with family and friends over the years. But the Genesis is only one of the many consoles I’ve played. There is another that’s a bit higher than the others.

That console is the PS4. I know, that answer may seem a bit weird considering the PS4 is still brand new and doesn’t have all of its major games out yet. But it is still an incredible console and I love what it can do. I’ve never had so much fun playing online video games before on a console, with games like Destiny leading the pack. I can also use the PS Vita to play my PS4 games remotely, that way I can still be connected to my major games even with no TV access. That’s a big deal to me, one that I’ve taken advantage of more than a few times. I think the controller is the best controller I’ve ever held, and I love that Sony has plans for Virtual Reality on the console with a new helmet they designed. If you add to that the PS Now service and the game share ability (where you can digitally play a game for/with a friend even if you don’t own it) then you have a console that’s truly great! That doesn’t include the games I already love and look forward to in the future, such as Uncharted 4 and Batman Arkham Knight. It isn’t even close to being done and it’s already a great console, one that I really look forward to playing more of in the future. What about you? What would you say are your top two consoles?

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