My latest GameStop experience!


This blog post isn’t really all about me and my adventures in gaming. Okay, sure it may be in a lot of ways, but not completely. I try to make posts that are about a particular topic, put a spin in that’s personal, and go from there. Not this time. I just had a great experience at GameStop today that stemmed from yesterday and I had to share it. I’m only going into this because I think it can be helpful to one or more of you. So here is the start! The other day I was having some issues with money, having far too much month at the end of my money. That doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a tough time. So I talked to my wife about it and about what we could do. I had decided that selling some things, including video games, at the end of the month’s major apartment sale here that it could be helpful. But that’s at the end of the month and I needed a boost quicker than that.

So I got to thinking yesterday about GameStop, remembering you can trade in used Great dealgames there. Granted there are a lot of memes and complaints about the price that GameStop gives for games, but anything is better than nothing when you’re needing the cash. I took a look at the website and realized that they now have a section that allows you to choose specific games for specific consoles and you can see the trade in value and the cash value! I have no clue how long that has been there but it certainly wasn’t there the last time I remember looking into trades on their site. That was the major thing in this story: I had the ability to know what my games were valued at and go into the building expecting the prices. The site updates daily, so you’ll be knowledgeable about what the value is per day, so there are no worries with being lost on the value.

Plus you can go to any GameStop and the deals apply, so it doesn’t matter where you go. So I added up the value of each game, which ended up at over $100, and I made my way to the local GameStop this morning. I figured something in the fine print would make the value go down, some tax or some such. But that wasn’t the case. I added the value to a specific number, based on their site, and guess what I got? To the penny what I had added up! I couldn’t believe it! The timing couldn’t be better since I needed the cash and I had tons of games that I never play anymore, so I was absolutely pumped. I was floored and yet very happy at the same time. So this is a reminder for you guys: looking at GameStop’s website is very helpful when it comes to trading your games in! As long as they’re in working condition you’ll be good to go! So if you are needing or wanting some cash, and you have several games laying around that aren’t going to get any use again, go for it! My experience was a great one and for the first time in years I highly recommend GameStop!

Updated: May 21, 2015 — 1:21 am
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