My Current Final Fantasy Adventures.


I did an article yesterday talking about Final Fantasy and how the series seems to be all over the place as of late. Whether it’s in games that were released fairly recently or it’s in new games that are set to come soon, Square Enix has been busy with offering plenty of Final Fantasy for all. And it got me thinking about all of the various Final Fantasy games I have and what I’ve been doing in them lately. So I decided I’d make a post and share some of my current Final Fantasy experiences! This isn’t all about me, naturally, so feel free to share your current experiences in the comments so that I can see what you’ve been playing and doing in your Final Fantasy gaming as well! I won’t talk about all of the FF games I’ve been playing, but some of the key ones for sure. Here we go!

Final Fantasy gamesFirst off we have Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII. Say what you will about the XIII series (and believe me, everybody has) but I think it’s very enjoyable. XIII was a bit too linear for my taste but it was still fun. XIII-2 improved things quite a bit and Lightning really set the series on a high note, where it should have gone in the first place. It is expansive, has tons of side missions, and has an incredible fighting system, easily my favorite in any Final Fantasy up to this point. I fell in love with this game but I’ve never gotten around to beating it. The “beat the clock” type of gameplay isn’t exactly my cup of tea; I like to take my time on RPG’s. I’ve let the world end twice in my current play through, not managing the big missions with the small ones very well. But all in all I’ve loved it! I ended up getting other games, like Tales of Graces f, and I’ve not done a good job playing both simultaneously. So I have to get around to actually beating the game, with Caius as the last “normal” big mission to beat! Hopefully I get to it and have something good to write about soon.

The other major Final Fantasy I’ve been playing lately would have to be Final Fantasy X. I’ve enjoyed this game over the years, starting on the PS2 and now on the PS Vita. It’s as much fun now as it ever was, and it looks a ton better! I’ve not played the game very well though in a large sense, which discourages me from continuing with it: (TIP: Don’t do this) I wasn’t smart with the Grid Sphere system. Basically I never gave good abilities to the characters that it made sense for, didn’t build a tank, and things like that. I made each character almost the same and just hoped spamming the fights and bosses would be enough. It finally started to not be enough right around the time I hit the Calm Lands. I regret it because it’ll take a long time of leveling up in order to get things better for me, but what can you do? Avoid that type of gameplay. My Lu Lu has no major spells, only small ones like Fire and Blizzard. Yeah, it’s that bad. But other than my gameplay fail I have to say I’ve loved having this game back, and especially portably.

Final Fantasy X-2 is another game I’ve been playing a lot too, though not as much as X. I never got around to beating X-2 on the PS2, unlike X, so I have a bit more incentive to beat this game than X. And not just because I goofed up so badly. I’d really like to beat the game for the first time, so getting around to that is one of my top Final Fantasy missions right now. My fondest memory of playing this game back on the PS2 is I remember being in a hard and long boss fight and giving him an elixir down towards the end of the fight. I’ll never forget that, it was a nightmare! I guess that’s not really a fond memory, but it’s certainly something I’d never forget. Hopefully this time around it won’t happen. I’m still early in the game, but I plan on getting it going again soon. I’ve been playing other FF games, like Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core, but I’ve not done much with them. Just basically started them and that’s about it. Lightning and the FF X games are the leading games for me right now! That is until Type-0 comes out within the week! But enough with me! Which major Final Fantasy games have you been playing lately?
How are you progressing?

Updated: March 12, 2015 — 9:25 pm
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