Mighty No. 9 Review.


This is a review for Mighty No. 9 (PS4) that may be a bit different. Sure, I’ll talk about what I liked and disliked, but more than anything I have a question that I’ll be trying to figure out in this review: was it really THAT bad? The game got horrible ratings all across the board, with gaming outlets and fans alike slamming the game overall and not being happy about what we finally got. Sure, it could have been better, but was it really all that bad? I’ve played it and I’m a bit off from beating but I watched my buddy play the entire game from start to end and I just am baffled at how much hate the game is getting. I know that it’s popular to hate on certain things in this day and age and I just assume that Mighty No. 9 suffers from that fate; it’s popular to hate on so people hate on it.Mighty

There are a few things that I think could have been more refined, don’t get me wrong. Some of the graphics leave something to be desired, whether in the backgrounds or the attacks and things of that nature, but I just can’t wrap my mind around it being as hated as it is. I guess a part of it has to be that this was a love-child that was supposed to be Mega Man but not Mega Man and it wasn’t exactly what some people wanted. Think Sonic the Hedgehog 4 in comparison to the Genesis games and you have the thought here, at least I’m assuming so. Sonic 4 had broken physics and a lot of issues but I was still able to have fun with it. Mighty No. 9 on the other hand I find personally is very playable. Graphically it has some issues in ways but I never had an issue going through the levels and making progress.

To be fair I heard a lot of people suffered bugs and glitches that I never had to deal with, so I fully understand why those people could be unhappy with the game, but I doubt all of the complainers about the game had bugs the entire time. I guess I’m still baffled though I can get it in a way. If you had issues of course you’ll hate on a game, naturally (think the Arkham Knight PC complaints) but I just find it really hard to believe that so many people legitimately had a problem with the game. Of course everybody is entitled to their opinion so if they want to hate a game they fully can, no problem, but still sometimes it’s very sensible why you’d hate a game and outside of nostalgia issues I don’t see why this was so hated.

Likes: Soundtrack, cool abilities, various bonus challenges, feel familiar yet distinct.

Dislikes: Graphics aren’t always up to par.

That’s really the sum of my dislikes, the graphics need some work, that complaint I fully understand. All in all I think it’s a fun game and if you’re worried about the experience you’ll have then wait until it’s on sale, because that would be a good deal anyways plus it’s not a bad game, not as bad as the complaints make it sound to me. It’s like Suicide Squad: it’s not a perfect film by any means, and it certainly needed more of the Joker, but I don’t get all the hate it had gotten so far. It has elements that are very similar to the Batman Animated series, has solid cameos, has good humor throughout, and has a great Deadshot and Harley (among other characters). I get some of the complaints, but not all of them and why it’s so hated. I feel the same about this game, but then, it’s all about you.

Purchase the game and give it a shot and determine for yourself how you feel. Maybe it’ll be updated with DLC one day too that improves some of the experience and makes it a better game, who knows? Time will tell but I have to say I rate this game as RECOMMENDED.

Updated: August 27, 2016 — 6:22 pm
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