Longest video game you’ve played?


I’ve put a ton of hours into a ton of video games over the years, as many of you have. Whether it’s because of being engaged in a long story or diving deep into side stories, or even online shooters/etc, it’s easy to become deeply involved in video games and put a lot of hours into them. Just like watching any TV show or reading any good book series, the time flies as you enjoy it. You know what I’m talking about, there isn’t much more that needs to be explained there. Anyways well there is a big difference in gaming between the hours you put in in order to beat the main story or mode and doing the side missions. (Obviously this doesn’t include games that are online only or have no main story; but most games have a main mission that is your goal to beat).

Sometimes you play a game and get through the main story pretty quickly then you have to wait for either new DLC to come out or you have to focus on the side missions. Usually the side missions are more than enough to keep a particular game going and keep it exciting so that’s not a bad thing really, trying to get all of the trophies/achievements also really keeps the game going as well. But there are games also that come out that take a long time to get through the main story, and I don’t mean because you pad it out by doing side missions along the main mission or anything like that, I mean just doing straight the main story. I’ve played some games that just “main story wise” take a long time but none can compare to Digimon World Cyber Sleuth (Vita) for me.

I’ve put in over 54 hours and I’m just now getting to the final boss, and that’s with very minimal side story exploration. Okay so that goes a bit against what I just said but if you take out any of the unnecessary side things I’ve done then you still have me at over 50 hours in game before getting to the end, and I’m still not even done yet! The game is a fun one and it just Digimonfloors me how long it has been to get through from one part to another, it really has. There are some side missions you have to complete in order to move the main missions forward so I don’t count those a pure side missions since they need to move it on its own. All in all this game is just a gem, very fun and offers a lot to do, and again that’s only main story wise.

You can raise each Digimon to their max level, fight online against other players, do the side missions of course, optimize the Digimon farms, and a lot more. Not including playing on New Game Plus and things of that nature. Bang for your buck wise there aren’t a lot of other games that I’ve seen that offer more than Digimon World Cyber Sleuth so I recommend you give it a look if you have either a PS4 or PS Vita, especially if you’re a Digimon fan. It gives you so much to engage in and with and that’s always a good thing!

But what about you? What’s the longest main story game you’ve ever played? Leave it in the comments!

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 8:11 am
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