Kingdom Karts: Yeah, we need it!


I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan, which you know depending on the posts you’ve read on the site in the past. The title of this one kind of gives that away too. Not too much, mind you, but I think it’s sort of obvious. I’m also a big fan of kart racing or racing in general. Most of my weekends are all about NASCAR Sprint Cup Stock Car Auto Racing and I also enjoy Formula 1, IndyCar, playing different motorsports games, etc. Mario Kart is a karting game series that I’ve enjoyed in the past, and also a few of the Crash racing games, heck even Sonic has some great karting games! So why should we not see Kingdom kingdom-kartsHearts jump in with Kingdom Karts? We got a taste of what that could be like in Birth by Sleep and it was actually pretty fun, so why not a full game?

You could feature many of the worlds from the games, from KH1 to Chi, maybe with some extras being offered later as DLC. The vehicles could be Gummi ships and whatever else makes sense to the character from their world. In other worlds let’s see Donald and Goofy in vehicle options from their past, such as films and whatnot. Sora gets a Gummi ship. If Buzz Lightyear *I know he’s not a Kingdom Hearts character (yet) so this is just an example* is in the game he doesn’t need a vehicle, he can fly around. Or maybe he gets his classic ship from the film and can use that, that would be cool. Winnie the Pooh could be running on a jar of honey that’s sideways so he can go down the track.

Okay so some of those ideas are a bit on the silly side, but what kart racing game doesn’t have something silly about it? The game needs that type of element. It would need 4 things to be a success overall, I think.

  1. Strong character list. We need a huge KH roster not something like 10 but a lot of characters!
  2. We need to have vehicles that make sense for each character, something they would use to navigate a race track. (Okay I guess everybody could just use normal karts, but still…)
  3. Good track list! We want Traverse Town, Wonderland, The Pride Lands, The World that Never Was, and much more! Don’t gip us on the track selection.
  4. The music you’d expect. We want to hear the music we’re familiar with as we arrive at the particular world, music that is straight from there.

The odds of this game becoming a reality are quite low in my opinion but how cool would Kingdom Karts be? Square Enix is determined to put as much Kingdom Hearts out there as they possibly can so make a Kart racer! If done well there’s no doubt it would be fun and could possibly lead to cameos in Mario Kart and the reverse. Imagine Kingdom Karts having a DLC on PS4 that lets Crash join the race, to celebrate his trilogy remake. On NX we’d have Mario joining! Things like that. There’s no doubt that would rock!! Time will tell of course but we can hope right!?

Updated: September 16, 2016 — 9:30 pm
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