Kingdom Hearts tidbits.


There has been some cool news surrounding the Kingdom Hearts series in the past few weeks or so and I wanted to put up some of the more interesting news here! Why not? It’s a huge series and it’s growing at a very fast pace so I love keeping up with it. It’s one of my favorite transition games of all time. For me it started with the Genesis and Sonic and also the SNES and Mario. It went on to the PSOne with Crash and Spyro. Then the PS2 swept in and Kingdom Hearts was one of the biggest games I had ever played immediately. I was sold beyond sold when I first started off on the Destiny Islands with Sora. It was a transition game since it was one of the first PS2 games I ever played and I never have looked back, and it’s a good thing, because starting off in 2017 we have some major Kingdom Hearts stuff coming up, and I can’t wait!

Frankly I’m shocked that by 2016 we still don’t have Kingdom Hearts 3. I mean we got KH2 in 2005, it’s almost shocking we have gone this long and STILL don’t have an official 3 game. Sure we had Kingdom Hearts 3D which does have an actual 3 in the title, but you get the point, it isn’t the full Kingdom Hearts 3 ending Sora’s career game. But all in all Square Enix has done a great job with the games that have come out between 2 and now. Birth by Sleep is a great game. 3D, which I just mentioned, is one of my top KH games very enjoyable all in all. The drop mechanic can get a bit annoying, but all in all the game is an absolute gem. And on and on from there. Well that’s enough of that for now! We have had some interesting Kingdom Hearts related news come out recently and this post is about it, so let’s get into it!

  • Well first and foremost we have known about Kingdom Hearts 2.8 being out for the PS4, with a gameplay segment based on Birth by Sleep that has been done in the power of KH3 as far as game engine is soradonaldgoofyconcerned as what not (think of it as a KH3 demo) so that’s cool, plus we get 3D in HD and Chi done as a video, and this video looks like it’ll be incredible to see.
  • Sora will be a downloadable character to summon in Pokemon: World of Final Fantasy and that’s pretty cool to be seeing, since it’s Sora’s first appearance in a Final Fantasy game. We have seen several Final Fantasy characters enter his world so to see him go to their world, even in a spin off game, is pretty dang cool I’d say.
  • Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 will be joining 2.8 on the PS4, thus making every Kingdom Hearts game that has ever been released playable/watchable on the PS4, all on one console! 1 is playable, Chain of Memories, 2, Birth by Sleep, 3D, Birth by Sleep KH3 technical demo (my words on the demo part), and the other games will be watchable videos. So if you’re a big Kingdom Hearts fan the PS4 is the place to be. To my knowledge these games (1.5, 2.5, 2.8) will be Sony exclusives forever, and KH3 will be on the PS4 too, thus making it the best place to be.

And that’s it thus far. But those are some big points! I love the idea of all of the Kingdom Hearts games being in one place, a place that has a potential of over 40 million customers. I love the idea of getting a technical demo, in a way, for KH3, and Sora leaving the KH world and going into a Final Fantasy game is great. It’s the 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts and with all that was announced I doubt we’ll be seeing much more from the gaming world with the series for the anniversary. But then again, who knows? Keep your eyes peeled but for sure we have some new great KH related things to keep our eyes on! Especially if you own a PS4. All of these games are on PS4 (or Vita for the Final Fantasy game) but yes in spite of the Vita game it’s on PS4 too; so a reminder: get a PS4 if you don’t have one! That is if you love KH.

Updated: November 10, 2016 — 1:26 am
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