Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP) review.


I have Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD remix, which I’ve talked about before, so it may be a bit odd seeing that my review for Birth by Sleep is the PlayStation Portable edition and not the final mix HD one. The real reason for that is because I think the PSP is still a great system, plus I’d like to get around to reviewing all of my owned games at some time or another. This version of the game also still has two major advantages over the 2.5 version of the game. While that one has the better visuals and extras, from bosses to weapons, this one is portable and has multiplayer. I’m a sucker for those two points in just about any game, and so the same holds true here. So here is my review!

The game is easily one of the best Kingdom Hearts games you’ll play, right alongside Kingdom Hearts 3D. I personally think that this game and 3D, along with Kingdom Hearts 1&2 are the best games in the series, the ones most worth your time. Birth by Sleep is great because you play as three different characters with each having their own personal story in the worlds. Square Enix did a good job making each of the three visits interesting. You won’t be bored seeing the same world for the third time in your overall adventure through the gPSP ame. You want to play the game in the “best” order as far as characters are concerned, Terra first, Aqua second, and Ven third. The overall story is the most easily understood this way, though you’ll still be able to piece everything together no matter what order you chose to play in.

The best thing about this game, that easily sets it apart from the 2.5 version, is the fact that you can play multiplayer. I mentioned that earlier in the post, but it’s still a big deal. If you have a friend or spouse to play with then you’ll understand why this is a big deal. You can play as any of the three characters, in your own custom armor colors, and take on various challenges together in the Mirage Arena, such as the racing event, the command board, and the fighting arena. My wife and I put in a lot of time and effort to work together to beat the challenges in the multiplayer mode and it was rewarding. I never really did that well in the command board part of the game but we both took on the challenge of beating all of the boss fights and battles and we were able to do it! Kingdom Hearts 3D has multiplayer aspects too, and they are fun, but they can’t beat the gameplay you can take on with a friend in Birth by Sleep. I was very disappointed to see that the new version didn’t have this option.

This game is just a great game even to this day. The fact that it has multiplayer and that you can bring it on the road gives it an edge over the 2.5 version of the game. That one looks better and has more to get but this one is still worth your time. If you haven’t tried this version of the game out I suggest you do so.

Likes: Portable, multiplayer, interesting story, different stories with each character, tons to do after beating the main game, great music.

Dislikes: Loading. Sometimes this game can be a beast when it comes to loading and getting to your special attacks.

Overall this game is still great and I highly recommend it! It gets a 9/10 here! It’s still a great version of the game that’s worth your time, even if you already own the 2.5 version. The multiplayer is very enjoyable, it’s portable, and the story is just as good as it was before! Can’t beat that.

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