Kingdom Hearts 3D Trophy run.


When I played video games as a kid, from the Genesis to the PS2, I used to be pretty good at not only finishing video games but also getting all of the extras. That’s especially true in the Kingdom Hearts series. I’ve beaten the first two games 100% in the past, with all of the weapons, items, abilities, and literally everything the games could offer. In recent years, however, I’ve gotten worse about beating a game to its max. I still get to the end of a game from a story perspective, but I don’t generally get all of the extras. I decided recently that I’m going to try to get back to how I used to play games, starting with the Kingdom Hearts series.

In Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on the PS3 there are extra trophies that you can get to extend the life of a game, such as beating the game on a certain difficulty mode or beating a certain bonus boss fight. Some of these look like they are going to be really tough to beat, but I want to go for it. Not only does it give more value to the purchases but it’ll help make the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 a bit easier to swallow. If I have Kingdom Hearts missions to undertake that I’ve never beaten before Kingdom Hearts 100%that’s essentially new content in the first place, so why not focus on that? That’s my reasoning anyways.  But it’s not only the PS3 Kingdom Hearts games that I’m looking at. There is also Kingdom Hearts 3D.

The game itself has trophies built in, similar to how the PS3 games work, so you have plenty to aim for after the game is done. I’ve put in over 60 hours in Kingdom Hearts 3D and I have 10 trophies that I still haven’t earned yet. Ones such as: Beat the game in critical; Win every Flick Rush Cup, Have one of every spirit; Open every treasure chest, and more. That’s not word for word what the game says about those trophies, but it’s still the same point. I’m currently looking at beating the treasure one, but there are over 100 treasure chests that I never opened in my run in the game, so I think that’ll take a while. The worlds are huge, so one tiny chest here and there will be easy to miss. But that’s my goal! Get this game to 100%, like the old days! If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts 3D how well did you do on getting all of the trophies?


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