Kingdom Hearts 3 wants.


I seem to have a lot of wants in gaming right now. But there is a lot to look forward to so why not compare what everybody wants for a particular game? This time it’s Kingdom Hearts 3. I’ve been with the Kingdom Hearts series since before I even owned a PS2 and has played the game. I loved the commercials for the game and I really wanted to be involved with it, so I bought a strategy guide just so I could read more about it. It’s a bit silly to do that perhaps, but I really wanted to learn more about Kingdom Hearts and didn’t have the money for a PS2 at the time. I eventually got it but I didn’t have a memory card, so I left the game on for over 100 hours (sorry Mom is the electric bill was high then) that way I never lost my progress. I loved the game in a way that was almost unheard of for me at the time. Outside of Sonic and maybe Crash/Spyro this game set me the most on fire gaming wise. And I’ve not looked back ever since then, through all of the confusion and various games.

And so it comes to this day, when we know that Kingdom Hearts 3 is in development. I’m personally hoping it’ll be coming out within the next year or so, 2016 at the latest. But time will tell on that point. I have a few things that I’d love to see in the game when it finally does arrive. I’m not sure whether these hopes have any real chances, but maybe it’ll happen! My first want is a Toy Story world. I love Toy Story and have since I was a little kid. I think the world would be a great fit with Kingdom Hearts, with Sora and the gang being shrunk to toy size and whatnot. I don’t have any particular cares for what story that world would have. Maybe they can do segments of the 3 films or something to that effect. That would be cool to me to adventure around Andy’s house and see the other famous locations as well. Toss in a few great mini games and a cool boss fight and you’d have a great world! There are other worlds I’d like to see but none can compare to the excitement of a Toy Story world.

I think another thing we need to see more of with KH3 is we need to see more Final Fantasy characters. The initial thought to the series seemed to be what would happen if we mixed Final Fantasy and Disney. That played out pretty well in the first two major games and off and on ever since, like Zack in Birth By Sleep, but it feels like they have basically disappeared lately. Sure, the moogles are always around. But I don’t recall seeing any major Final Fantasy character in Kingdom Hearts 3the latest game Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance outside of the mentioned moogles. That needs to change. At least to me. Let’s see Cloud and Sephiroth make their way back in KH3, along with all of the other Final Fantasy characters that have been in the series. I’d like to see Lightning be a part of the game too, even if it’s only a small part. Maybe we could see a Midgar world, that would be pretty cool as well. Or tie in the Final Fantasy XV world. Anything would be great to me, I want to see more Final Fantasy in KH3.

There are other smaller things I’d like to see with the game. I’d enjoy seeing some more romance between Sora and Kairi. They will be older in the game and obviously have feeling for each other, so why not emphasize it a bit? It doesn’t need to be a sappy game or anything like that, but I think something would be good. I want to see more than Sora be playable, even if it’s only for small segments. Whether it’s Goofy, Donald, or somebody else, I’d like to see multiple playable characters. And the most unlikely thing I want is multiplayer. It would be awesome, online or in person, to tear through this game with a friend. Maybe even a group of friends! Even if it couldn’t work for the main story, make it work in a special online event that has specific missions. Take out these heartless, collect this item, things like that. It could work and I think it would be fun. But those are just a few of the things I want. What would you like to see in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3? *I picked a Kingdom Hearts 3D image since it’s technically a Kingdom Hearts 3*

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