Justice Monsters Five: Final Fantasy XV minigame out now!


Final Fantasy XV is easily one of my most anticipated video games that’s coming out anytime soon. Sonic Mania has the lead for sure and the new NASCAR game, that comes out tomorrow is high on my list. Then we have Kingdom Hearts 2.8! And so much more! But no matter what happens XV will be in my top 2 or 3 until it finally comes out. It was due to come out this month actually but it got pushed back a few months Monstersrecently and that’s a bummer. On the one hand, of course, I want the game to be the best it can be, so a delay isn’t the end of the earth. But on the other I want it now!!!! Okay, so I guess I just need to be patient, but the demos, new movie, details about the game, and more have me really wanting to dive deep in this world as soon as possible. Unfortunately we all have to wait to play the full game, but we aren’t totally out of being able to play Final Fantasy XV in some form right now, and I don’t mean the demos.

We got a smartphone Final Fantasy game recently (shocker, I know) that is actually based in the XV universe, called Justice Monsters Five. In the app and in the game universe it’s a pinball game, and it’s actually quite fun, at least I think so. But it’s what Noctis and the gang will be able to enjoy in the actually Final Fantasy XV game so it’s pretty cool that Square released this, that way in some form or fashion we have more of the game universe to enjoy before the arrival of the final product. And we have even more time to wait until then so that’s even more time to max the game out and be at the top of the list when it’s all said and done. I figured it would be worth playing just to see how it is but I’ve found that I really enjoy the game so that’s nice, it helps make the delay a bit easier to wait on.

And yes you can play the demos again over and over to help the wait as well, plus the new Kingsglaive movie, which I think is a great film. It really helps keep you in that XV mood while awaiting the game, and that’s always good. Sure, we all want the game as soon as possible, but in some small forms we have the game now, so why not enjoy them? Download Justice Monsters Five today, it’s worth a round or two at least just to see how you feel about it! Give it a go and help fuel your excitement for XV!

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 8:35 am
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