Is Pokemon Go dying?


The answer to this question is a rather easy one: yes and no. Let’s be honest, this game has millions upon millions of downloads and installs all around the world and in that sense it has plenty of life. But it’s also losing some of its steam, that cannot be ignored either. More than 15 MILLION people have uninstalled the game and don’t play anymore. Sure, if you Poke Deathhave 100 million playing and 15 million leave that leaves you with 75 million players, and that’s a lot! But still any game that loses millions upon millions of players isn’t in the best shape, no matter how much you may try to spin it. And I know for fact that the major craze of people playing it in town has died a fast death ever since it first came out.

This isn’t just true in my little town, it’s true in cities all around the United States. More than 15 million less people playing will obviously be seen as you adventure with the game in your city, and in a way its sad. It had a strong fad feeling about it and sadly it seems like the game has hit the highest high it ever will, and I think a better game would have helped avoid this. Such as trading, not screwing up the 3 step process, and things of that nature. Sure, they can be added later, but frankly they had something better than what they have now when it came out and could have easily had this stuff out to really capitalize on the game before things went very much downhill.

The game is still somewhat fun when you’re playing with friends and sure, there are millions still playing so in a lot of ways the game isn’t totally dead, but towns and cities all across America are seeing the fad die and features far less people playing out at night and walking around town, which is to be expected but still, more than 15 million less players this quickly? That’s not a good thing no matter what. But hopefully the new updates in the future give it more life and make it more worth playing! As for now yes, I don’t care how you look at it, it’s dying, but considering how many people still have it, it still has good potential for the future. Plus we have Sun and Moon coming soon, so there’s no way that won’t help the game in some way.

Updated: October 2, 2016 — 5:07 am
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