I think Square Enix is back!


Square Enix. You either love the company or hate it. Well maybe not, you can certainly not care about them one way or the other, but it seems that most people really do love the company and several others just plain don’t. It seems that the people who love the company the most have been with the company since the older days, when Square Enixwe had hit after hit from the company: Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and we got a great game with XII. But we started to see some changes; X had a sequel in X-2 that changed how Final Fantasy would be viewed. It wasn’t nearly as well received as X and just was plain different. XI was good and XII was as well but XIII wasn’t as solid as Square hoped. XIII-2 further divided fans, and then we got a second sequel in Lightning Returns that I personally loved but people got upset about the sequels.

Then we have the delay drama in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the one XIII game that had people the most excited. It never came (Okkkkkay….it’s coming in a few days as XV, but still, it had people upset with the direction of FF for a while). Then we have a lot of smartphone FF games that have been a major let down. And going back to Lightning Returns one of the big things Square talked about for the game is that Lightning had bigger boobs and better bounce mechanics and even discussed which outfits could be worn to best show them bouncing! If that doesn’t tell the tale of Final Fantasy and how far it fell for a while then nothing will. It was Square themselves discussing this; not just fans on a forum online. That’s not good.

But it seems like things are starting to finally turn around for them. We have XV coming and it looks *fingers crossed* like a great game, and much more serious than bouncing boobs. The mobile games have been in a major upswing lately with Exvius and Mobius, games that are easy to play and yet offer depth and a good story. World of Final Fantasy has been received well and does a great job growing the FF brand and Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be in it soon too, and that’s cool! Cloud has been featured in Smash Bros. Final Fantasy VII is being fully remade and we get to enjoy that soon (hopefully!). XII is being remade as well and that’s a great game so that’s exciting! Square is doing a much better job with FF lately and I couldn’t be prouder of the company. We’ve come a long way since some of the XIII debacles (bouncing boobs as a feature in a sense; really Square?) and Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Time will tell ultimately but I truly think we are seeing the rebirth of Square Enix as a brand! I want JRPG’s to dominate like they used to so cheers to Square and fingers crossed we are seeing the ultimate turn around!

Updated: November 26, 2016 — 11:05 am
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