iRacing USA International Speedway race review.


I’m not going to review each and every single race that I do in iRacing. But here and there I think it may be fun to give a review of what I did or didn’t do in a race. The same is true with other gaming in general, I may post a story about my latest gaming session in any particular game and talk about it for a few minutes. Feel free to leave comments discussing whatever it is you played for the day and some of your adventures! So I’ve mentioned that I’ve had races in iRacing before and that some of the races are all about survival. That was at Charlotte Motor Speedway, where I had raced several races for the week that it was the track. I had done one previous race at USA Speedway (for short) and it didn’t go all that well. I got aggressive trying to pass somebody and went below the apron, spinning out and taking out some of the other racers as it happened. I felt bad since it wasn’t my goal to wreck other people but that’s how it goes at times. Not this last time!

The last time I raced there, abAvoid crashesout two days ago, went really well. I didn’t win. In fact I got 6th place out of 16, which isn’t as good as my 5th place finish in my last Charlotte race the other day. But what I had to endure made the finish better than the 5th! The last Charlotte race I started up front and kept the car there for all 20 laps. At one point I had to dodge a crash and I accidentally hit a racer. I felt bad since it wasn’t my goal so I intentionally slowed down and let him pass me to get the spot, since he was about to pass me before avoiding the crash. If I didn’t do that I would have got 4th but I believe in racing people the way I’d like to be raced, so that’s what I did. It had its challenges but I just stuck with the top 4 or so in the race and avoided the crashes. It was similar at USA Speedway but it was harder overall.

It was harder because unlike Charlotte you have to use the brakes in each turn and set when you’re going to get in the gas again. With the car and series I’m in Charlotte is essentially a Daytona or Talladega. You just stay in the gas and draft the other cars. USA Speedway is a shorter track so you have to use more in doing the race itself. And even though the track is short, so the 40 laps aren’t the longest laps like 40 at Charlotte would be, that’s more chances for somebody to mess up and for you to get caught up in it. In this race I started I believe 10th or 11th and I was able to stick there for the first few laps, with me actually passing a car or two that seemed to be a bit off. I don’t know if the drivers were just messing around but it really seemed like some of those guys couldn’t keep a line to save their lives. I was happy to pass them and not get in a crash.

The race went fairly well from there, especially when you consider the crashes that happened that I had to avoid. There wasn’t a major amount of crashes, which made me happy, but the few that happened always risked my position on the track so it was worrying. If somebody much faster than me and caught me I’d let them go, and if I caught somebody slower then I’d slow down to keep myself racing in the open and all alone. That’s the best way to race on USA Speedway, alone. It’s not always easy to do but if you can manage that and avoid the crashes that always seem to happen then you’ll finish well! I enjoyed that race because not only was it a tough race but I was able to be really competitive. Races where you do well and are able to survive are much more worth it to me. I don’t like racing where so many people wreck all the time but if you can look past that then it’s worth it. That’s my latest major gaming adventure! What’s yours?

Updated: January 23, 2015 — 8:51 pm
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