iRacing experience.

I’ve heard a lot about iRacing over the years. I’ve always thought that it looked like a cool video game, especially since the real world NASCAR/other driers use it to practice at tracks they’ve not been to yet or to gain extra experience at tracks they already know. That was always appealing to me, that it’s so realistic, since that means you can essentially become a driver from racing on this. Sure, the g-forces and heat endurance don’t come into play, but if you’re using a steering wheel/pedals combo controller then you’re getting a real world type experience in the game, and that is really cool to me. At least I always found that idea cool, but I never gave it a shot. For as much of  a NASCAR fan as I am I wanted to try it a long time back but I didn’t think my PC would be powerful enough for it. Turns out I was wrong.

Yesterday I decided to get a one month membership ($6) thinking that even if my PC is way too weak at least I only lost a few bucks. My laptop is actually powerful enough to give this game a good run! I’ve played it for a long time today and I never had any hiccups or anything, the game has run very smoothly. I haven’t played enough to give a full review but what little I’ve seen has been great so far. I’ve only run one race, I went to a member hosted event that starred 32 cars. I qualified 20th and by the end of the event I somehow got 3rd. I wasn’t good enough to keep up most of the time so I NASCAR PCsimply followed the crowd and waited on the cautions, which were very frequent. The race had 24 laps under caution. It was only 50 laps in total. So through it all I got that very unexpected 3rd but I’ll take it! I liked that you control the car in all aspects. You drive the pace laps, the caution laps, you drive it in and off of pit road, and you take the car up to the green flag. It’s a depth to racing games that I’m not used to so that was great.


If I decide to stick with this game I’m going to eventually get a steering wheel/pedals to use. I used my Xbox 360 controller for today’s event and it worked well but a steering wheel is what you really want to be using in this game. But if you can’t afford the steering wheel/pedals don’t worry. Any general Xbox 360 controller you can plug into your PC is enough to have a good time. If you’ve been waiting to give this game a shot and you like the look of it I encourage you to go for it! I wish I had sooner, considering my PC can take all it has to offer and be so smooth!

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