Import video games or just wait?


There have been more than a few times when I’ve been waiting on a video game for what felt like forever. The game will come out, at least the ones I’ve been interested in, in Japan and be out for months at a time before coming out in the US. Games like Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep come to mind, as an Import video gamesexample. So instead of waiting on the game to come out in English I’ll just import the Japanese game and play it. I definitely don’t understand the bulk of what I’m reading or seeing when I play Japanese games, but I’ve managed to beat all of the games I’ve imported, so I guess that’s a point in my foreign language skills. I’ll end up getting the English version that way I can understand it all, but I’ve never had an issue playing when I don’t understand it so that I can have it sooner. Have you ever done the same thing? Some people I know think it’s dumb, that if you’re just going to get the English version why not just wait? But others are like minded and see no issue with spending the money to get it earlier. How do you handle games that come out in foreign countries first? Do you import them, or do you simply wait on the local version to come out?

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