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I’m baaaaaack!!

Hey everybody! It’s been a while! I used to write on this site under the leadership and direction of a company that I’m no longer with, and after a bit of conversation I was able to get the site back fully under my control. Which is great! I have a lot of plans with this site and my goals moving forward, all in and around my streaming I’ve done recently, my Facebook page, and more! The biggest tie in is to my streaming I’ve been doing; you don’t know since I didn’t have access to the site again until recently, but I began streaming back in March of this year! And what a journey that has been!

I have the Gamer’s Zone Facebook page, which you can see right here, and I started streaming on there on March 23rd of this year. In the time I’ve done that I’ve had quite a bit of success! I’ve had more than 111,000 video views on those streams combining in more than 1,390 hours viewed so far! I also started a Twitch account and am a Twitch Affiliate! I started on Facebook, created a Twitch in April, and mostly spent time there, on Twitch, with my streaming. I recently decided that Facebook should be the thrust of where I stream, where I’ve focused on the Spyro Reignited Trilogy recently with some solid games on Twitch here and there as I can! Such as Super Mario World and NASCAR Heat 3!Super Mario World

I’ve had a lot of other things change in my life as well, and I’m very much willing to share some of those big details in another post or two. But the main point of this article is to draw attention to my streaming efforts that I’ve been busy engaging in as well as point out some of my goals I hope to reach, with the site as well as streaming. It’s almost weird; I never imagined I’d both do and love streaming, but here we are! A lot has changed since the last time I wrote on here!

So goals, what are some of my goals with the website? Well, a few of the big ones tie around my streaming. I want to use this site in a way that allows you guys to get to know me a bit better! Granted, most of what I post here will be directly gaming related, no doubt. But having an area where I can post a bit about me and let you guys get to know me is important too!

I also want to post about my streaming. My schedule on Facebook and Twitch. Behind the scenes pictures and stories. Games I’m looking into streaming. Things of that nature! And to tie in the Top Fan aspect from Facebook. Fans that are engaging on the page (clicking like on posts/streams, sharing posts/streams, commenting, etc) are considered Top Fans by the page. And I think it would be cool to feature 5 Top Fans per week from there on here, with an interview style post featuring them (in separate posts)!

I can also tie in top viewers on Twitch, no problem! I think an idea like that, which I’m still working on, is a great one since it recognizes the folks who are consistent with my Twitch viewscontent and help me out the most! It’s a chance for that person to have their name, gaming page/channel/etc and personality out there for folks to see! And that’s important to me on the way to my streaming goals.

Speaking of those, I do have some specific goals that I’d like to get into! I know this post is a bit long already, so I’ll save those for next time. Gotta hook ’em with a tease eh? The page will mostly be about the fans and my personal streams and my life, but I’ll also put my thoughts on the latest game releases and how I feel about them! I used to review games so why not get back into it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us!




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