I Am Cardboard VR box review.

The world of gaming is a very intricate one with a ton of games and consoles to prove this. Game companies over the years haven’t been content to simply do what’s expected. They all try to find the next big thing that’ll catch gamers and the general public by storm. One of those ideas from years in the past is Virtual Reality. VR is basically when you are completely immersed in a game’s world. You put on something that’ll take your vision over completely and you’ll only see what’s happening in the game world. The idea never worked out however. The consoles and devices used to power VR attempts in the past weren’t strong enough, hurt people’s eyes, and was generally a pain to get and have. It never stuck so nothing really deep happened with it. Not until recently that is.

We now have the Oculus Rift. We have Sony making a headset for the PS4, their Project Morpheus. We have other companies that talk about gaming and their interest in VR. One of the coolest VR projects I’ve seen (and my first adventure into this type of gaming) around has got to be the I Am Cardboard headset. This thing is great! It only costs around $20 on Amazon and it gives you the ability to use your smartphone to get virtual reality in your home! I think it has a wide appeal since it’s so cheap. You can betVirtual Reality the PS4 VR won’t be as cheap as this. The quality isn’t as high as a major headset. After all, it literally is cardboard! But don’t let that keep you away, because this thing works very well!


Basically you put the headset together when you get it, following the instructions that come with it. Not too hard. Then you get the apps that you want on your phone, some free some for a price, then you put the phone in the device as you’re supposed to. You then are immersed in the game world! You have to use the controls (moving your head around and clicking a button on the headset) in order to navigate the games and to switch games, but that’s not too hard if you follow the tutorial on what to do. Some of the games have you just look at items or ride along on a roller coaster while others offer more as far as player input in concerned, like falling down from buildings and having to go through specific spaces as you go to the ground to get points. All in all I think this VR headset is incredible. It offers a lot for a very small price, so for that alone it’s worth a look!

I’d give it a 9/10. It is one point short of perfect because while it’s a great device it’s still cardboard, and that means you have to be careful when connecting/disconnecting the phone holding part to the top of the device. Mine is already showing some wear and tear and I just got it today, so be careful about that. I didn’t even know such a thing existed until somebody showed me, so take the time to give it a look! You may like what you see.

Updated: January 5, 2015 — 2:23 am
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