Helpful tips to help you in waiting on a new game!


We have all been there. Waiting and waiting on the next game in a series that you’re excited about. Whether it’s a long running franchise or a relatively new one, looking forward to a new game can be both fun and frustrating. Fun in that you see the new features and trailers and get excited. Frustrating in that it seems to take forever for the actual game to come out, especially once you know the date it’s releasing. It’s hard. You can’t make the time go any faster. The game will come when it will. Nothing will speed that time up. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help make the wait easier! When you’re looking forward to a game that has at least one prequel game set before it then you have a lot to work with. I’m going to post some practical tips here for Help the waityou to use, if you don’t already. Be sure to add your tips in the comments as well. Anything that helps you get through a wait may help me as well! Let’s help each other out!

In no particular order, here are the tips I give to you to help with the wait:

*Replay the other games in the series. Replaying a game in a series keeps the series fresh in mind and exciting, helping you stay excited and in the mood for a new game.

*Do things you’ve never done before. I’m replaying Arkham Asylum and City, in building excitement for Arkham Knight, and this is one of the top things I’ve been doing. I’m talking to more characters and listening to more conversations of the prisoners and hearing things I’ve never seen or heard before. It makes a replay worth that much more since there is essentially new content. Do things like this! Fight differently, be more risky, anything! Change it up and give yourself a fresh run in a replay.

*Go for all of the trophies/achievements. I don’t know about you, but I don’t normally get all of the trophies in the games I play. I get several, over 1,000 in all of the PlayStation games I’ve played, but I never complete all of the games I play. So it gives me something extra to aim for down the line, in particular as a new game is approaching. Go for it! If you’ve not earned all of the extras make that a goal to accomplish before the next major game shows up.

*Read all about it! When you see articles online that feature the game read them. If there are any prequel comics or books then get those and read them as well. Get popular gaming magazines and read all you can there as well. The more you read the more you’ll be in the mood for the game. It may not make the wait a ton easier, since it’ll be stoking your interest, but coupled with the other tips it can be a great thing that helps out.

There are a great many other tips that can be added to this list, and I hope you guys add your own personal ones to it in the comments! These are the top things that I find help me in waiting on games to come out. It’s still hard, but overall it does help me out quite a bit. Then before I know it I’m playing the game! Arkham Knight will be here before I know it! What games are you guys looking forward to? What tips work for you? Let us know!

Updated: June 8, 2015 — 5:53 pm
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