Good video games for exercise?


You need to go outside more! Games aren’t an exercise! You need more sun! Blah, blah, blah. We have all heard that before as gamers, or something similar. But more and more games are becoming about exercise and gaming all at the same time, and I think that’s a great thing. I love to walk around, but I also love to game, so if you combine the two, for example, that’s something I can really be down with. So when you have a game like Pokemon Go having you walk around to do, well everything, then you have a game that’s perfect for exercise. It’s still a game, it’s all about interacting with digital creatures and swiping to attack and normal game functions, but you have to walk around to get from one place to another and to hatch your eggs, so in that sense depending on your dedication to the game itself, yes, games can be good for exercise.

I think we need an everything Go. Digimon Go. Legend of Zelda Go. Sonic Go. Final Fantasy Go. Games that are fun on their own but that also are good at encouraging players to get out and about to have success. We also have a variety of exercise games for the Wii U and other consoles as well that are all about grabbing the controller and jumping around and whatnot and I’ve played enough of them to know that yes, they can work and make you sore, but you’re still playing a game! They aren’t as effective as Pokemon Go in my opinion, but yes, there are plenty of different games that eWalkingncourage you to get moving to win and that’s a win win for everybody involved.

What’s next for exercise gaming? Well I’m not sure. I think Go type games are the best at getting people out and more of those is the way to go. VR won’t get you exercising too much, I don’t think, and typical games don’t get you moving all that much, so the more Go the better! I’m sure we have all heard the rumors of the other Go type games in the makings so I think that’s the gaming/exercise combination that’ll truly make a difference. But by all means, get those dancing and exercising games, those are good as well! Anything that’s a game that gets you moving is the way to go!

Updated: November 9, 2016 — 10:43 pm
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