Gaming Tidbits.


I’ve been sick most of the last week or so, so I’ve had a lot of time to play different games and make progress. I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished a few things lately, and have seen other games that I already have be enhanced to new levels, so it has been a good week gaming wise! To start off, I was able to beat Kurt Zisa in Kingdom Hearts 1.5! It has been years since I last beat all of the bonus fights in Kingdom Hearts, so it felt nostalgic to be back there fighting him. I only needed one try (I’m around level 60) before felling him. It was nice to be back in the swing with him, especially after my other fails in the game. The Unknown in Hollow Bastion wasn’t in the original Kingdom Hearts and after trying him a couple of times I found that it was hard to take him down. Sephiroth also gave me a fit, so it was nice to take down my first bonus fight of this version of the game.

I was also able to make progress in my current NASCAR ’14 season, winning my 5th race of the season at Texas Motor Speedway. I’m guaranteed to make the Chase as long as I don’t have a lot of last place finishes between now and Richmond, which isn’t likely. My only top 10 finishes this season so far are with me winning, so I’m eNASCAR, Sonic, Kingdom Heartsither the best or not in the same zip code. I need to nail that down a bit better, but overall this season has been great and I’m pretty happy with it! I want to win the Championship more now than before because, much like NASCAR’s real Cup Series, the winner of the Championship has to beat three other drivers in a head to head battle for it all in Homestead. I think it’s thrilling to watch and it’s just as much fun to play!

And another thing that made me happy this last week is the update to Sonic Dash. This smartphone game makes the most sense for a Sonic game, since it’s all about running. The game has been fun and offered infinite gameplay for a while, but recently Sega updated it so that it has some nice looking changes and a few gameplay changes. The game looks more refined now and the main hub when playing looks fantastic. But one of the biggest things that was updated is that now, when you hit a spring and continue to the next major part of the game, your rings are automatically added to your ring bank. Before you had to pick between going to one of three sections and if you had a large amount of rings built up you had to go the ring path, if you will, to lock them in. Now you can go down the more interesting paths and still have your rings banked. That was a massive improvement. I hope in the future they add more boss fights featuring other Sonic bad guys from other games, that would be really cool to see.

That’s the bulk of what has been going good with my gaming lately! What has gone well with you in your gaming lately?

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