Gaming Records: Guinness 2015 Edition


I enjoy playing video games, which must be well established by now, but I also like doing other things around the game world, such as read about it and its history. I just finished reading Console Wars not too long ago, and that’s how you do a gaming book. It explores the history between Sega and Nintendo, and I loved it. I’m a bit biased since that’s the time I grew up in gaming, but still it was a good read overall. So I decided I’d look around and see what other books could fill the void that was left after finishing that book. I found a few good options, such as books set in a game’s world, strategy guides, and other books that cover the art of gaming and things like that. All of them are good in their own way but I didn’t really want any of them at the time. Then, at my local Wal-Mart, I find this gem.

It wasn’t what I expected to find. In fact I had never heard of a Guinness book for gaming before, and it’s not like this is the first edition, so I was surprised to see it on the shelf. I took a look inside, liked what I saw, and bought it! The price couldn’t be beat, Gaming recordsand it was a unique book type that I had never read before so it was cool to see this. In the past I used to be pretty good about beating certain challenges in games, such as getting through the entire game without dying or by not changing the initial equipment and things like that. I never realized how sad my accomplishments were until I read this book.

For a lot of the games in the book the record is a speed run, or hitting a score that nobody else has gotten close to. Check out this example, featuring “Red Eileen”. They have earned 484,645 points in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode (as of August 7, 2014). It took this person 4,091 hours 6 minutes and 59 seconds on the in-game clock to achieve this! When I see numbers like those I’m both impressed and sad. I know I could never reach such a high goal, I just wouldn’t have the time. There are a ton of other game and records to check out in the final book, so check the link at the end of the first paragraph and see it for yourself! You’ll be glad you bought it if you’re interested in a bit more than just gaming yourself.

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