Games I’d love to see on the Switch.


There looks like there will be good 3rd party support for the Nintendo Switch, at least out of the gate. 3rd party support has always been an issue with Nintendo so I’m not sure how this round will go; history states not well. But hopefully this is the sign of things turning around in this way. They have a slammin’ (does anybody say that anymore?) 1st party lineup and always have, but their 3rd party support is needed. My personal favorite games are all 3rd party for the most part or 1st party for Sony, so Nintendo needs to have something here alongside the Pokemon and Mario of the world to fully entice me. I’ll get a Switch no matter what I’m sure, but strong 3rd party games will keep me around much longer than the 1st party. Nothing will keep me away from the 1st party Sony games; frankly they’re my favorite, but Nintendo has potential here.

So which games do I want to see be on the Switch? Well let’s go into it!

  1. Sonic Mania. I’m sure it’ll be on it it won’t be an issue porting it I’m sure, but as of now it’s going to be on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One and that’s it. The Switch will (sadly) be behind the PS4 and Xbox One (for sure the Pro and Scorpio) in power but there is no WAY it won’t be able to handle Sonic Mania. It’s better and more powerful than the Genesis games but it’s more than easily playable on the Switch, I don’t care what the final specs are, it’ll be doable by a country mile, so let’s see it happen! Sonic 2017 is confirmed Switch so let’s see Mania do it as well!
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Part of me wants this game to be a Sony exclusive and I’d be VERY happy if that somehow ended up being the case. But when it was announced it said that it would be playable FIRST on remakeyPS4, meaning that it’ll be found elsewhere too, whether PC, Xbox One, Switch, all of the above, or something else entirely. So if it’s going to be on other consoles why not be on the Switch? I think it would be a good home for Cloud with Link kicking ass in his games on the console, why not have them each on one console for a major game? Cloud has already visited in Smash Bros and while that doesn’t necessarily mean anything will happen elsewhere Square Enix has pledged support for the Switch, so why not?
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3. If it can be on the Xbox One than it can be on Nintendo. I’m sorry, but it has always been a primarily Sony series with some appearances on Nintendo here and there; never Xbox. So I think it’s only fair to see KH3 make its way over to the Switch. ALL of the previous KH games will soon be available on the PS4, through play-ability or videos, with 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 being released on the PS4, then 3. Don’t mistaken it: Square views KH as a mainly Sony game series or you would see all of these releases on the Xbox One as well. But c’mon, Nintendo shouldn’t be left out of the party on 3. It deserves 3 more than the Xbox One does; and don’t get me wrong, I love Microsoft and their consoles, but I think the Big N deserves it too if not more for sure.

That’s all I can think of for now, but if I think of more I’ll simply edit this post and add to it. I know, that’s cheating, but I won’t tell if you don’t ;). Those are HUGE games that I really think belong on the Switch and that I’d love to see so I hope it happens. FF VII I want to be PS4 only, but if it’s gotta go elsewhere may as well be with Nintendo. The rest have more of a shot I think so time will tell for sure but I’m excited about the Switch; I just hope they do VR eventually and keep up with 3rd parties. They need them, especially the 3rd parties.

Updated: November 9, 2016 — 10:31 pm
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