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No matter how long you’ve played games and no matter how many games you actually have, you always have more you want. Sure, you may have the top 5 or 10 that if you could only play those for the rest of your life you’d be happy, but you always want to try new experiences and see what’s up with the gaming world down the line. I’m certainly no different! So I figured I’d put together a brand new list of the 2016/2017 games I’m wanting for the near future and see how it goes from there. Feel free to add what games you’re looking forward to as well! In no particular order here is my top list!

-Sonic Mania. Okay, I just said it was in no particular order, but there is no game coming out for the next year or more that can compare to this game. Sonic is the first game series I ever played and will always be my favorite series, so when you put a game out that’s based on continuing the look and feel of the Genesis games almost to perfection then naturally you have an excited gamer! You play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles! Green Hill Zone and other levels appear and it just looks like it’ll be a great fun time. If you grew up playing Sonic on the Genesis or even playing SNES games you will be excited about this one, because it’s such a major throwback to the old games! Mario Maker was a perfect blend of the past and what’s new and Sonic Mania will do the same thing for Sonic, minus the fact that you aren’t actually making anything but playing only.

-Lego Dimensions (Sonic playset). I bought Lego Dimensions just because I found out that there would be a Sonic playset that had tons of Sonic levels enemies and more, and that’s something I can’t wait to play! But the game by itsKingdom Heartself is actually very, very enjoyable, so if you don’t have this game yet I recommend you give it a shot for sure! You obviously have to have the base game in order to play the playset so I bought it in order to be prepared for the future Sonic Adventure that’ll be coming this Fall. From all that I’ve seen it looks like an incredible game and c’mon, playing as Sonic next to the Batman? How can you beat that? I love Sonic and Batman so having them both in one official game together is truly something amazing, something that’ll offer infinite replay value to be sure! Definitely a top game for me.

-Final Fantasy XV. Okay, so this game gets pushed off more and more and I hate it. It was supposed to come out in September but now it’s pushed back to November, and I’m not happy about that, but it is what it is. Hopefully that means we’ll have a fully polished and enjoyable game. But everything I’ve played in the demo and have read about it so far has me really excited, when this game finally arrives I hope it is a smashing success. Fingers crossed that the long wait will be more than worth it!

-Kingdom Hearts 2.8. This game is going to be fun, to me, because it has Kingdom Hearts 3D in it for one which is great, and it’ll have KH3 next gen powered gameplay with Aqua from Birth by Sleep. We have been waiting on KH3 for years so to play even a small game in its power and style will be a great treat. And I think Kingdom Hearts 3D is one of the best games in the franchise to to be able to play it in HD for the first time will be really cool and enjoyable. It’ll all set the stage for the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 so all in all it’s just something to be really excited about!

-NASCAR Heat Evolution. I know, this game doesn’t appeal to as many gamers as the rest on my list, but for sure I’m excited to see it and what it’s all about. There are some things I’d like to see added to the game, maybe through DLC or something of that nature, but I think this game will be a good step in finally getting NASCAR back on track (see what I did there?) with their console offerings. The PC world of NASCAR, through iRacing, is alive and very well, so there are no issues there. But it would be nice to see the consoles have something strong to bring to the table as well and I do believe this game can become it. Even if it takes a few DLC packs.

-Crash Bandicoot (various). The new Skylanders has a Crash Bandicoot level alongside a Crash and Dr. Neo Cortex toy that become playable characters. And then we have Crash 1-3 being remade for the PS4, and I’ve loved Crash since the beginning, so for sure I’m pumped for these games. More for the 1-3 than the Skylanders but after seeing the Skylanders gameplay I have to say I’m a believer for sure.

There are other games I’m excited about, to be sure, but these are some of the biggest ones for me. What about you? What are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!

Updated: August 27, 2016 — 4:52 pm
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