Five Nights at Treasure Island: Free Fan Game.


I’ve talked about fan games in the past, stating how there are some great ones and others that are just plain bad. I just found one that knocked my socks off. When I started sniffing online around the creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s yesterday I noticed a Disney looking game based on Freddy, called Five Nights at Treasure Island. It’s a free fan game that’s currently only in Demo form, with 2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Gamenights playable, and it’s a great game! It puts me on the edge of my seat when playing, it legitimately scared me more than just about all other games that I’ve played. I’ve not actually played the first Freddy game yet so this is my largest experience in that world, though it’s not officially a part of the games. Whether you’ve played the games or not, I definitely recommend you give it a look! Go here to download the game and try it if you’re interested.

This fan game was made by: AnArt1996 and his group!


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