Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location out now!


The game is out now on Steam and it’s at a discounted price so now is the time to get it! When you hear of a new Five Nights game you’re either one of two people. Person 1: Yay, I love Freddy’s and I can’t wait to see more and see the lore play out! Person 2 (who is wrong and you should never listen to by the way): I hate Freddy’s, I don’t want to see more, there are too many games, etc, etc, etc. I never understood that complaint that there are too many games; there are only 4 main series ones, the RPG, and this one, which makes 6. Sure, that’s a few games, but how many Sonic games do we have? Mario? Call of Duty? Legend of Zelda? Pokemon, which is always the same damn game every time ain’t it!? Okay, sorry about the anger, but you get the point. If all these others have so many games (and yes, in Pokemon’s case almost all of the games are just rinse and repeats; fun, enjoyable, but rinse and repeats) and get rave reviews, why is it a big deal that Freddy’s has 6 games out within a few years?

Okay, sorry about that, that’s my soap box moment, I’ll try to let that not happen again this post, but you get my point. Each of the Freddy games have different mechanics and things you have to do so it’s not like the games are purely just carbon copies. Freddy’s 2 had the windup box. 3 had the vents and oxygen and other things like that. 4 had you run around the room to check on things, from the bed to the closet to the doors, and Sister Location? It’s the best and most unique Freddy’s game yet. Like seriously. I’ve seen people who have been complaining about the Freddy’s games who love this one because it’s so much different than the other games! I’m only at night 3 so I don’t fully know how everything works but I’m going to make a bullet point list of what’s different with this game (so far as far as my gameplay goes) and take it from there.Sister Location


  • You walk around. This game has you go into certain rooms and check cameras and things of that nature, the norm for this game series, but you also crawl in the vents to go from one place to another. You also walk from one part of the building to another, all controlled by you and your actions. You aren’t stagnant this time around the game requires you to be mobile.
  • You aren’t guaranteed a death if the animatronics are with you in the room. If you ever saw Foxy in your room in the first Freddy’s game you were toast, there was nothing you could do. In this game not so much. There is an area where you’re walking from one room to another and you flash a light to see Foxy, periodically, and you can keep her at bay as you go to the room you’re aiming for. You still have to be careful, but it’s not a for sure death/jumpscare like it used to be. The same is true with others as well. We don’t have shotguns or anything but yes, this time around your actions can keep you safe from the animatronics even when they’re in the room with you or tugging away the protective shield from under the desk (you know the part if you’ve played the game). It’s a completely different feel that you can keep them at bay with your actions, much more so than anything we’ve seen in the past.
  • What 6am? This time you survive nights by accomplishing said tasks that you’re given to do, you don’t have a time limit. So if you want to take your time getting things done then you can do just so, no problem. You can’t just sit there all night as far as I can see, at some point you have to make progress, but you have it more in your hands what happens in the timing too and that’s cool, and very different from the other games.
  • Better story/dialog! They did a much better job of having good story and dialog in this game this time around, with the animatronics talking and things of that nature which ups the creepy value in my eyes by quite a lot. Plus you get to go home and eat popcorn and watch TV which is sort of fun, adding more to the depth that you get to go home at the end of the day and you get to see that unlike the past games.
  • It’s just fun. I know that’s a cheap point. But this game feels so much differently than the other games and I love that. Sure the games all have something unique and different about them, as all games usually do, but this one is a tremendous difference, which is appreciated. It feels and looks different from the other games in a tremendous manner, and that’s always welcome in a game in a franchise; we want it to be familiar but we want changes as well, and this game BRINGS IT.

I’m only on night 3 but I plan on beating the entire game and diving as much into the lore as I can. I guess I can watch Markiplier in the meantime right? Haha, gotta at least watch somebody else play it too that’s always fun as well. The game is out and it’s fun so go for it!

Updated: October 9, 2016 — 6:35 am
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